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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The 15-Minute "We put the HOT in HOTel" Workout!


I'm TOTALLY INSANELY EXCITED coolly honoured that my little blog has been (most likely by my Mom) nominated for a Fitterati Award from Fitness Magazine!!! The Fitterati Blogger Awards have nominations by category (Best Healthy Living Blog, Best Running Blog, etc.) and I've been nominated for Best Personal Trainer Blog!!! The winners will get a chance to contribute to FitnessMagazine.com, which would be an absolute dream come true! All I need is for you to vote for me by clicking on the link below and finding my blog. I'm apparently way behind in the game, but I would so appreciate your vote! If you like my workouts or my ability to consume mass amounts of chocolate at once, please vote for me and I will repay you... with more ass-kicking workouts.

Bahhh! I am so freaking excited, I think I will go home and pour myself a huge glass of wine. By myself.

Enjoy another original workout from yours truly!

This "HOT"el Workout is just what you need when travelling! You can do it first thing in the morning, late at night, or when you've slipped out of your meeting to "look over some numbers."

Disclaimer: I will not be held accountable if you are fired from your job.
In all seriousness, travelling with work can often be stressful and exhausting- eating out a lot, being out of your regular routine, long, drawn out conferences, even jet lag can making exercising the last thing on your mind. That's why this workout is only 15 minutes in total and is a full-body workout. If you are in a hotel with a gym available to you, I suggest trying to get in 20-30 minutes of cardio (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) every day if possible in addition to this workout. You will feel better and be more clear-headed!

You will complete these 6 exercises using the furniture and wall space in your hotel room. You will complete each exercises for 30 seconds each, and repeat the circuit 3 times. Give yourself 15 seconds in between each exercise.

Begin: 100 Jumping Jacks

1. High Knee Plank
Using the bed, place your forearms flat on the very edge of the bed. You have two options- alternating knees to chest, mimicking a walk, or picking up your feet and switching faster. Both options are shown in the video. 

2. Three Pulse Squat Jumps
Move into a squat position- leaning back on the heels, chest lifted, back strong, knees not reaching beyond the toes- and complete three pulses in the lower half of the squat position. After the third pulse, jump straight up in the air, landing back in your deep squat. Repeat. 

3. Coffee Table Tricep Dips
You can use a couch, chair, or anything with a solid base when completing your tricep dips (it is harder on your wrists to complete on a soft surface like the bed). Make sure your shoulders stay away from your ears and your bottom stays as close to the table/chair/couch as possible. Your knees are bent at 90 degrees (for a greater challenge, straighten your legs), and you want to bend your elbows so that the eye of the elbow points behind you, as close to 90 degrees as possible. 

4. Bridges
Using the couch (or coffee table- the higher the prop, the harder this exercise is), place your heels up with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Your bottom is as close to the couch as possible. Lift your hips up and lower so that you ALMOST touch the ground, then bring your hips back up. Repeat. 

5. Elevated Push Ups
Use the lowest piece of furniture possible for this exercise- this is a challenging push up that absolutely shreds your core, too! With toes up on the furniture, complete regular push ups for the entire 30 second interval. Killer!

6. Assisted Handstand
This is the perfect time to try the assisted handstand- it's not your house! :) It's important for this exercise that you do not arch your lower back- your core should be strong and tight throughout the interval. Always ensure your hands are directly below your shoulders. Moving into a plank position against the door, slowly move your feet up the door bit by bit. Make sure you BREATHE and try to hold this position! 

Repeat this three times- 30 seconds each- 15 second rest! 

NO excuses- you can do this!

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