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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Stratusphere Yoga DVD + Stratusphere Living Fit Gloves Giveaway!

Pin It Some of you may remember that I met Trish Stratus a few weeks ago while attending the Power of Movement- Toronto. You may remember her from her days as a fitness model, WWE Wrestler, advocate, or actor- but the day I met her, she was Trish Stratus, the yogi. When Trish retired from WWE, she turned her passion of fitness into an extremely successful yoga venture- opening her own studio in Vaughan, Ontario- just north of Toronto. Since its inception, Stratusphere Yoga has become a household name, especially because of Trish's very successful Stratusphere Living- yoga mats, Fit Gloves, yoga blocks, and Trish's Stratusphere Yoga DVD.

A few things you should know about me and Trish Stratus:

1. We both love yoga.
Holy God.

This was three seconds before plummeting to the ground.

2. We both can Mermaid.

Add caption

There's a reason I'm not smiling.

3. We are both Wrestling Champions.

She wrestled another woman for this belt.

I, too wrestled a woman for this.

4. We both have amazing facial expressions.

Also, our cleavage is pretty much identical.

5. We transition easily between blonde and brunette.

Some better than others. 
Alright. So now that we've determined that we are basically twins, I have a seriously SA-WEET giveaway for you! A Stratusphere Yoga DVD- PLUS a set of Stratusphere Living's Fit Gloves!

The workout DVD totally fits in line with what I'm all about- quick, effective workouts that target strength and endurance! The DVD includes a Group Workout with extra instruction, and a Solo Workout without the extra instruction. The Fit Gloves make the workout extra effective, and the workout couples yoga plus resistance training for maximum fat and calorie burn. My favourite kind of yoga is Vinyasa or Power Yoga- which this DVD is! It's great for all levels- beginners to advanced- and I promise, you will SWEAT!

The Fit Gloves weigh only a pound each, but may as well be a gazillion (actual unit of pounds). I have used them in my yoga practice for the last 2 weeks and they seriously ROCK my world. They give extra endurance and strength training and burn the arms/shoulders/core so good! Within the first two minutes, my heart rate was significantly increased, and the standing and balancing postures were kicked up a notch. What I'm trying to say, is that I basically have Trish's exact physique now that it's been two full weeks using them.

She won't admit it, but this was right after she asked for my autograph.
I have TWO sets of Stratusphere Yoga DVDs + Stratusphere Living Fit Gloves to give away (a $44.95 value!)! Here's how to enter:

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For each entry, please leave a comment! Good luck- contest will end Sunday, March 25th!