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I'm Katy! I'm a Phys Ed teacher, fitness and yoga instructor. I love fitness and fashion! Join me as I kick the crap out of you with my at-home HIIT workouts, and mostly make fun of myself.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Pregnant In Heels!!!

Pin It You read that right peeps... I'm with child!

Check out the bump! Now please God, do NOT let my feet grow. I have too many nice pairs of heels.
I know what you're thinking... 

"YOU? But you're much too young to be a mother. You're what, 21?"
"You're far too immature to raise a child."
"What?! No wine?????"

And to all of the above, I agree with you.

I am just over 4 months into my first pregnancy, and to be truthful, I feel great. I realize this will make many mothers want to punch the sh*t out of me, but I do really feel good. Of course, I had bad days, weeks even- but I was never sick and have been able to maintain my current fitness regimen.

Running 10km at 3 months pregnant- so incredibly rewarding... especially the amount of food I ate afterwards. 

The bad part is... I've had no wine. 

4 months.

Good God.

While I've felt amazing enough to exercise- running, weight lifting, interval training, and yoga- my nutrition regime... not so much.

I'm pretty sure I ate Kraft Dinner for an entire week, and literally have not cooked anything besides pasta in 4 months.

Make me dinner, or get the f out of my way. 
I'm so relieved to finally share this with you guys!!! My last few workouts have been super hard for me to post as I was 2-3 months pregnant. I'm excited to share this with my peeps and keep up the workouts, even for pregnancy!