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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Create Your Own Home Gym: The Yoga Block (+Giveaway!)

Pin It The yoga block is hardcore! Yes, it is used for beginners for work on their flexibility. It helps people get into poses they otherwise wouldn't be able to do. But this small block can also push your fitness to a new height- quite literally! Our bodies are not all created equal- this little block allows all bodies and abilities to explore yoga to its fullest.
Block it to me.
Fitness Town sent me a Yoga Block and this amazing A-Line mat from Yogaforce- and as a Yoga Teacher, it is hands down my favourite mat. It is shaped for all things yoga, has excellent grip, and I really love the lines not only down the centre but also horizontally, too. It keeps me in line- literally- and I've found that it has definitely enhanced my practice and decreased my risk of injury.

Once you have your mat, you can begin to utilize your block in many ways. I've created a 5-minute Intermediate Yoga Flow with the block- many of these moves can be done individually as well.

There are three levels to the block:

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

I've created an Intermediate Yoga Flow with the Block that is approximately 5 minutes in length- make sure to check with your doctor first before attempting a new form of exercise! Also, I've shown one side of the flow, but make sure you complete both sides.

My FAVE exercise to do with the block is the plank! Put the block at level 1 and grasp the block with 2 hands underneath your shoulders. (it is at 3:00 in the video). For an ADVANCED option, do the same thing but at level 2!!

Cost: Between $5.99 and $19.99 depending on quality, material, and craftsmanship (I suggest a foam block)

Benefits: Puts your yoga practice at the next level, increases balance, challenges your core, allows for a a "fuller" aspect of your yoga poses 

You can WIN your own Yoga Block! Just Like Fitness Town on Facebook (you can click on the logo below!) and let them know I sent you. Your post on their wall is your entry, or you can comment below!

Enter by Wednesday, March 14th to get your own block!