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Monday, 20 February 2012

Skinny Jeans or Bust! Workout

Pin It Happy Family Day to my fellow Ontarians, and Happy President's Day to my American friends! Whatever you do today, I hope you did it in your most fabulous way. Don't forget those skinny jeans- the ones that look good on about 1% of the population- but we all try to wear. Keep those in mind when you're burpee-ing, squatting, planking, and jumping in this 30-minute workout!

Warning: if you try this at home, you may look like this.
For this workout, you will need a skipping rope and something to "hop" over. I've used an Equalizer Bar, but anything between knee height to hip height (depending on the challenge you want) will work. A step, a sturdy chair or ottoman, or a keg can do the trick! Yes, a keg.

You will begin this workout with a 15-minute jump rope interval workout. You will jump for 2 minutes and immediately move to an endurance exercise. Complete the following:

Time 00:00-02:00: jump rope
Time 02:00-03:00 front lunges

Time 03:00-05:00: jump rope
Time 05:00-06:00 plank (forearms)

Time 06:00-08:00: jump rope
Time 08:00-09:00 sit ups

Time 09:00-11:00: jump rope
Time 11:00-12:00 squats

Time 12:00-14:00: jump rope
Time 14:00-15:00 plank (hands)

Then you will move into this pyramid workout. You will begin with ONE of each exercise- then move to TWO of each, then THREE, then FOUR, then FIVE. You will then break for 30 seconds and complete all the exercises again, but focusing on the other side. I've showed the entire RIGHT SIDE workout in this video! (please don't mind the music, there was too much background noise and the songs available on youtube are brutes).

This should take you about 30 minutes in total to complete! Happy holiday and let me know how you did!