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Monday, 14 November 2011

Birthday Yoga, Literally, Luna Bars, and NY Times Food & Drink Mag. TILL.

Pin It Welcome to TILL! Things I'm Loving Lately is a blog post dedicated to small things I'm having a love affair with lately. It's easy, and so am I. Literally.

Things I'm loving lately:

1. The fact that my Dad found this card for me.

Well done, Dad.

2. The word "literally".

My friend Katherine hates this word mostly for its common misuse in the English language. For example: "My heart was literally jumping out of my chest" is, well... not possible. "I was so embarrassed I literally died!" Well, that would be pretty amazing if you could still talk while dead. "My parents were literally shocked." Um, unless your parents got hit by lightning, then no, they weren't literally shocked.

There is (literally) a Facebook group for "People Who Hate the Overuse and Incorrect Use of Literally".

There's a reason I chose to talk about this, because this morning, I- literally- ran over a squirrel on my run. Yes. I RAN OVER A SQUIRREL. You're thinking with your car, which wouldn't be literal. I ran- literally, ran- over a squirrel with my FEET.




STEPPED ON A SQUIRREL. Yes, the squirrel is okay- but I will bet a cagillion (literally... ah, shit) dollars that that couldn't happen to me twice even if I tried.


3. New LUNA Bar flavours in Canada!

YAHOO! I've been dying (not literally) to try Luna's Chocolate Peppermint and it is finally available in Canada!

I, um... however, don't have a picture of it since I devoured it. Then I bought more. Then I devoured those. Trust me, they exist here in Canada. Check out Loblaws in the Organic section and you will find this amazingness.

I DO have a photo of the OTHER amazing flavour now in Canada- White Chocolate Macadamia Nut! Now, I know what you're thinking- "is it possible that you like anything not dipped in chocolate?" Okay... if you thought that, well- you are correct. But you're probably also thinking "Okay... but what does it REALLY taste like?"

She's a beauty.

It tastes like the sweet, sweet fresh macadamia nut cookie that you ate one too many of. Then you felt sick. Then you ate more.

No? Just me?

4. The New York Times Magazine- Food & Drink Issue!

This is a crazy informative little magazine that my Aunt sent me in the mail. It helps to debunk some popular food myths and breaks down the local food movement. I read this cover to cover- I do that often with magazines.

Because magazines have pictures, and books don't. 

TILL next time (get it?)... tell me what you think of the Things I'm Loving Lately!