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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Turning 30 Isn't So Bad...

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I'd like to premise this blog post by saying that I have a serious chocolate addiction.

I have an AMAZING group of girlfriends (detailed in The Entourage) and we have been going all out for each other's 30th birthdays, that all fall within a year and a half. I'm not talking bowling and birthday cake. Although, if I was with the gals, it would be the most hilarious time of my life. These women are real. We talk about everything- not the latest in ironing technology, Swiffer refills or false eyelashes. (Okay, so maybe the last part). We talk about life, what we love, what annoys the hell out of us, our jobs, our men (sorry, guys), and we are always supportive of each other. Think Sex and the City, but doubled.

My peeps. 
So the gals surprised me by taking me to The Chocolateria- the coolest little cafe in Roncesvalle that serves EVERYTHING chocolate. I'm talking chocolate dipped chips, bacon covered chocolate, chocolate with almonds, chocolate with toffee, sea salt and caramel chocolate, chocolate lollipops, truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate dipped Rice Krispie squares... you get my point.

In shock here... that I don't know about this place.

Not listed in the ingredients: crack cocaine.

When I said I wasn't a chip person, what I actually meant was I wasn't a chip person unless they were dipped in chocolate.

Awwwwww... I love my friends! And by friends, I mean the letters K, A, T, and Y in solid chocolate form.
I was so lucky! I got to try all of the treats that all my girlfriends chose (thank God there are nine of us).

This was me when everyone was done sharing.

I bought my chocolate after everyone had shared. Then, I took their leftovers home. I am a good friend.
I actually bought some chocolate covered chips, toffee chocolate and turtles to give as gifts, but let's be honest. They didn't stand a chance.

The girls then took me to my very own hotel room where they showered me with the finest delicacies:

Coot Bags (best adult novelty idea ever- we should copyright this!) complete with water, noise makers, chocolate (duh), and most importantly: Advil!

You weren't supposed to see this.

Somehow doing shots over Justin Bieber napkins felt right. 
We had a dance party to Celine Dion and ate the most amazing cupcakes!

HEEL and BARBELL cupcakes!!!!!! 
I know. Bad placement. 

Then, we I ate more.

Indian Food Delivery. For one. 

I am such a creep. 

Really? Not one photo without me stuffing my face?
The girls then played BLOG WARS- a scavenger hunt with my best blog quotes with a few words missing! We had to find the missing word (option: fill it in with a dirty word) and remember where in the room it was hidden.

Seriously? How did I find these amazing women?
We drank wine and champagne, and then the girls gave me the BEST gift I have ever received.

They EACH wrote a blog post for me!!!!!!!!!!

This was me, sobbing for 15 minutes. 

Still sobbing, Jessi laughs. 
Most of us know how frustrating and painstakingly long it takes to write a blog post, so you can imagine how much I appreciated this! They told me the story of how we met and the kind of friend I am to them. It was the most touching, awesome thing that anyone has ever done for me!

While we all have a moment to pause for my amazing girlfriends, let's revisit the crack. 

I know you are all exhausted reading this, but I'm not done! The girls gave me a Tiffany bean necklace!!!!

I was not excited at all.

After I got the necklace, I morphed into one of Lady Gaga's little monsters. 
I picked myself up from the shock, hugged and cried to all of my girls, and then, did what any other woman in their 30s would do.

Took a full length selfie. 
Friends don't let friends go to the bar with chocolate in their teeth.
We went out, where I felt the need to work off some of my chocolate consumption.

Thank God for that loose top. 

Always a friend, Agatha makes sure I'm using correct form on the bar floor by keeping her heel on my butt.
I have never felt more lucky to have a group of girlfriends so hilariously funny, generous, supportive, and all-round a #$@!ing blast to be around.



Cheers to the women in your life, and to the women in mine, too!