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Sunday, 27 November 2011

This Giveaway is NO SWEAT!

Pin It So, I'm about to "out" Carter.

The guy sweats. A lot. And I know I'm supposed to love him regardless, but after a long workout, when he's drenched with sweat and leaning in for a kiss, I gotta admit: I don't want that s&!@ near me. (Side note: if you're reading this, honey, I love you. But this ain't news to you.)

Usually, he balls up his clothes at the gym and puts them in a garbage bag to bring home to clean. I'm talking- this bag is FULL (he is hardcore into fitness, which of course is amazing), sopping wet, and when I go to do laundry, it is just... it's just wrong. Nasty. Gross.

Okay, you caught me! I don't really do laundry. 
Well, I do laundry sometimes. So you should still feel sorry for me.

Carter and I are both Phys Ed teachers, so we live in workout gear. We've invested thousands of dollars in high-quality sweat-wicking clothing over the years. We both have favourite pieces of clothing that just don't seem to come out smelling super fresh after washing (don't judge us- we tell each other it's hard work, baby).

What a man- pumping out a quick run during a wedding! Hot. 

...And then, there's the opposite of hot. 
Enter: No Sweat Laundry Detergent!

I have to admit, I was sceptical when I first used it. I purposely put some really nasty gear into the washing machine. The craziest part? You only need 2 ounces of No Sweat. A teeny, tiny cap full. I must have read the label about 18 times. It is the smallest amount of detergent ever- less than a shot.

Yes, I just compared laundry detergent to a shot of booze. I know my readers well.

It is tough on sweat, AND on odour, and actually gentle on my yoga and running clothes. And- it is a certified Eco Logo green product! Carter (who, um, normally does the laundry) loved it. We are down to our last 2 oz. and I'm trying to ration it as much as I can!

You can try this out yourself- No Sweat is offering one lucky, sweaty reader a 4x500mL pack of 2 Citrus Rush and 2 Fragrance Free bottles! You will seriously love this and I am SO jeal.

I'm actually not happy for any of you. Any chance I can enter my own contest?
No Sweat also has some great laundry tips on their website for how to keep your workout gear clean. I really like that it was invented by someone who loves to exercise as much as we do, but found that most detergents were not gentle or hardcore enough for her yoga gear. This stuff is perfect for all you hot yogis out there, for you runners, cross-fitters, and for those of us who sweat profusely while watching an intense episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Don't pretend you don't watch it.

You can win by:

1. Liking your gal on Facebook. Do it. Now.

2. Liking No Sweat on Facebook and telling them what sweaty exercise you do to deserve this amazingness! Um, preferably a physical activity that you'd do in front of people.

3. Sharing this giveaway (via blog, facebook, or twitter! @NOSWEATL would love to hear from you!)

No sweat, right? Make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry down below, yo. This contest will run until Friday, December 2nd! Good luck my sweats! Uhm, I mean, sweets.