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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pregnant Peeps can still RUN.

Pin It Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for the lovely, heartfelt congratulations on my pregnancy news! This also explains to you why I've been boring as f$#! over the last 4 months... I've had no booze!

I've already had many peeps asking some advice on working out through pregnancy, and as I am a not very well liked highly respected high school teacher medical doctor, I will be answering your questions over a few posts and I will be posting workouts fit for anyone, but preggo-friendly, too!

About a month ago, I ran the Sporting Life 10km run in Toronto for the third year in a row. This run has special meaning to me as a ton of my family members run it, I happen to teach yoga to one of Sporting Life's owners, and... the run is purely downhill.

Holy God, I am creepy when I run. 
I was 12 weeks pregnant and barely anyone knew my news besides my family! I did tell my running buddy Emily quite early on, as we would be going for runs and I would be dying to keep up with her. I had to tell her I was pregnant so that I could explain my heaving breaths and why I'd be exhausted after 30 seconds of running.

She stuck by me for the first 5km... then kicked the sh*t out of me.
In all seriousness, I told her early because I needed to be more aware of the heat and my heart rate when running. While pregnant, you are not to bring your core temperature up high (this is also why you aren't supposed to go in hot tubs, saunas, or foam parties... shit) and you are allowed (actually, encouraged) to maintain your current level of fitness, so long as you feel good. There was TONS of conflicting information online in regards to your heart rate during exercise- an old wive's tale says you shouldn't raise your heart rate over 140bpm- which, for an athlete like me, would mean I'd be maxed out at a walking speed. I maintained a heart rate between 155-165bpm (to calculate, subtract your age from 220- that is your max heart rate), I stopped to walk every 10 minutes, stayed hydrated, and was always able to maintain a conversation when running.

Before- we always try to look badass before the run- I missed the memo, clearly.

Some people (my Mom, mostly) gave me a hard time about my exercise regime. I think many people still believe that exercise during pregnancy is harmful to the child. There are definitely hazards and things you should NOT do (work to exhaustion; perform heavy weight lifting- think muscular endurance instead; exercise in high humidity; play contact sports) but maintaining a workout regimen you feel comfortable with is very healthy for your baby. Some argue that it makes the baby more prepared for labour (it has experienced stress), it may be a better sleeper, and may be more active as a child. Of course, I'm sure this isn't true in all cases, but I want to keep myself healthy and do the best things I can for myself in my "condition", and for my own child!

Alright, enough boring stuff. The run was on a perfect day- overcast and a little chilly- and I felt fantastic running it. I kept thinking about how amazing it would feel to cross the finish line with my baby gunt.

I said it.

After the race. My Dad thinking it's his glamour shot moment.
I crossed at 56:45, and I was thrilled. My personal best for this race is 48:25, but this felt just as amazing to cross. It was rewarding, exhilarating, and overall awesome- I almost cried.

I need to get a grip.

What have you heard about exercising while pregnant?

Any "old wives tales" you'd like to share about pregnancy in general?