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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stilettos for the Cure

Pin It A few weeks ago I went to a fundraiser with my Mom and sister called Stilettos for the Cure.

I still don't know what the charity is for, but the ticket included food, candy, glorious women, and a chance to bid on designer shoes.

Okay, that's actually not true- I do know what the event was for, but everything else sounds so amazing, doesn't it? The proceeds from the benefit went to help... some people. Somewhere.

My sister and Mom are whack. Me? Totally normal.
We weren't sure what to expect (as it was only the 2nd year it had run), but it was so much fun. We started the night drinking Hypnotiq martinis. And when I say "we", I mean my Mom, drinking both mine and hers.

I'm jeal. 
Then, a transvestite Joan Rivers serenaded us with mostly penis and vagina jokes. I watch Fashion Police and follow Joan on Twitter religiously, so this was a great moment for me.

This was the funniest 5 minutes of my life. 
The night was jam-packed with cake, candy, hors d'oeuvres, and SHOES.

Yes, that is Liza Minnelli on top of that cake!

Gucci shoes up for grabs! I believe they went for $450... which means I need to start making money off this blog. Please donate at [email protected]
My life motto. 
Marilyn, you are a genius.

Shoe candy

Actual candy. 
We all walked away with some sweet shoes and less of our dignity.

No, I am not drunk. Shockingly.

Look at this hussy. 

I thought this was me. 
In all seriousness, the event was a great success, and the proceeds went to the Heather Griffith Breast Assessment Centre and the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness.

It felt good to have a fab night out with my favourite ladies and focus on important matters in life.

Lewd comedy, and shoes. 

If you could buy any designer shoe in the world, who would you buy?

I would probably choose a classic black Louboutin pump. Bitches.