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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Pin It I turn THIRTY this Saturday, and to mourn the loss of my twenties celebrate, I want to give YOU a present.

You may know my love affair with Titika Activewear, or you may not. Most of you probably won't care. You're here to win. I dig that about you. I'm a Titika Ambassador, and I still can't believe it some days. I can't believe I made them believe I knew what I was talking about enough to allow me to wear their clothing. Ha, ha! I fooled them!

Titika is a Toronto-based company that um, seriously rocks. The peeps rock, the clothing rocks, the styles rock, beautiful owners rock, enough said.

It's your turn to own something beautiful! You can win this RI-DICulous REVERSIBLE hoodie poncho (valued at $138)!

Courtney, one of the founders of Titika, was wearing one of these bad boys when I went in to gawk say hello one day and I seriously didn't stop thinking about it for days. Her style, her hair, her perfect skin... I've said too much.

The poncho was so incredibly ridic I had to go and get one for myself. Best part: it's reversible! This means you have to wash your clothes less. Yes, this poncho will decrease your amount of chores.

Check out the butternut squash behind me- wishful bra size thinking?
Please note the bowl of Halloween candy directly to my right, and the treadmill directly to my left. 
I will do you all a favour and not expose my stomach like the model above. 
This poncho is PERFECTION for yoga- during Savasana (some of my students call this pose "Beached Whale"- brilliant), but I also love pairing it with a pair of leggings and high boots and hoop earrings.

That's called swag, yo.

Magically, when I started wearing Titika, I suddenly was able to do crazy things:

Don't F with me. 

This is the look I give my husband when he's done something wrong. 

Can double as a party trick. 
YOU, my friend, can get your magic powers and WIN your very own Titika Reversible Hoodie Poncho! You can enter as OFTEN and as MANY times as you wish- you just need friends, or people you pretend to be friends with on Facebook.

You have 2 ways to enter!

1) Like me on Facebook. Tell me (on my Facebook Wall) what your favourite way to sweat is. Get 5 of your friends to Like my page and Like your comment on my Wall. If you get 10 friends to like my page and like your comment, you get 2 entries! 100 friends to like my page and your wall post, 20 entries!

2) Like Titika Activewear Canada on Facebook. Tell them what your favourite way to sweat is! Get 5 of your friends to Like Titika Activewear Canada and Like your comment on their wall. If you get 100 friends to like Titika and your wall post, you get 20 entries!

The winner will get to choose from the black and purple poncho or the white and grey poncho! This contest totally rocks and I am so happy to host it. Winner will be announced Wednesday, November 16th- unfortunately, when I am 30. GOOD LUCK!