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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Devil's Workout

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One of my peeps came up with the name for this workout for a few reasons. 

a) It is killer. Hence, devil. 

b) It is a Tabata-style workout, done 6 times. 6=devil's number. 

c) You'll want me to go to hell by the end of it. 

This Tabata-Style Workout will take you about 40 minutes. Each station is done 6 times in a row for 25 seconds at a time, with 10 seconds in between.

1. 4 Mountain Climbers + 4 Jump Outs- amazing abs/arm/core/everything work out!

2. Lobster Claw- amazing lower ab workout especially!

3. Dive Bomber Push Up- awesome for balance/core and upper body. Harder than it looks!

4. 1 Crossfit/American Kettlebell Swing + 1 Russian Swing
This is a combo of the two most popular kettlebell swings. One utilizes more full body power (American swing- ending overhead), and one utilizes more lower body force (Russian swing). In the American UPswing, you want to keep your chin and chest tucked in to avoid arching your back. Pretend like you've just been suckerpunched in the gut as you raise the bell overhead. It should be a natural movement!

5. Bench Hop-Overs- GET THOSE LEGS UP and OVER. I wanted to die after round 3!

6. Jumping Squat Ins & Outs- I have to admit, this was WAY harder than I expected it to be. By the 4th round, I felt like my legs were going to give out. In a good way... if there is such a thing.

We also added in 2 skipping stations- one high knees and one double unders.

I got juuuuuust enough dirty looks during the class to know this was named properly. Then, everyone thanked me.

I love my job.

Have you tried Tabata training?

If you want to do this workout at home, substitute the kettlebell for a dumbbell, or something around 10-15 lbs. Also, use a small obstacle to jump over in place of the step. Your hands can be on the floor.