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Monday, 31 October 2011

J Lo's Booty Workout. You Know You Want It.

Pin It Ate too much Halloween candy? Me too. Let's work it off so we can eat more.

RIP Kim and Kris, and RIP to my ass that looked like that on Saturday.

You will need this for this workout:

1. "Papi" By J Lo. Best song ever. 

2. 1 Kettlebell, or dumbbell (10-15 lbs.)

3. 1 Step (optional)

4. 1 Jump Rope (optional- you can pretend to be turning the rope!)

5. An ass that won't quit.

This is a Tabata- inspired workout that I guarantee will leave you with that tight butt and core feeling for days afterwards. The best part of Tabata is that you work at your own pace!

*Note: you STAY at the same station and repeat the action 6 times before moving to the next station. In between stations, take 30 seconds to rest. 

Workout: 10 stations: 20 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF times 6

Station 1: Jump Rope
High knees for 20 seconds, regular, slow skip for 10 seconds. The high knee mimics a standing sit up- you are getting a better cardio workout AND a great butt workout by lifting your knees! 

Station 2: Jumping Speed Skaters 
Keep your head up as you explode side to side in this butt KILLER. Bend your knees as you land!

Station 3: Stability Ball Mountain Climbers
You want that six pack? DO THIS. This is HARD. Complete a forearm plank on the ball (option is to be on your knees) and bring one knee to the same wrist, and back to plank. Repeat on other side.

Station 4: Jump Rope
High knees for 20 seconds, regular, slow skip for 10 seconds

Station 5: Burpee Push Up
2 options for this, shown by Goran and Amanda. Amazing cardio, strength, and endurance rolled in to one!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Station 6: Kettlebell Swings- One Arm (switch arms every time so each side is done 3x)
You don't want to follow the bell with your eyes. Keep your gaze forward as you use your HIPS and GLUTES (your back is steady and straight) to swing the bell to shoulder height. Lift your heels for extra power on the way up! *Note: you can use a dumbbell for this if you don't have a kettlebell!

Station 7: Jump Rope
High knees for 20 seconds, regular, slow skip for 10 seconds

Station 8: Jumping Side Squats + Twist
J LO: Here it is. DO THIS. You'll thank me later.

Station 9: Sprinter Sit Ups
This works everything you want it to: upper abs, lower abs, obliques. Lift your shoulderblades off the ground, straighten one leg, and use your opposite arm to punch the ceiling.

Station 10: Jump Rope
High knees for 20 seconds, regular, slow skip for 10 seconds 
This workout is about 40 minutes long- you can make it a quick 20 minute workout by doing 3 tabatas each station instead of 6!

DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. And check in with me. In the meantime, I'll be eating Halloween Candy.