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Monday, 24 October 2011

30-15 TABATA Workout!

Pin It Happy Monday, peeps!

One of my favourite parts of my job is finding fun and new ways to work out and keeping people on their toes. I love interval workouts, but I especially love when people leave my class and, looking exhausted, say "Thanks, Katy" as they leave. I still can't believe sometimes that my job involves putting people through exercise, getting paid for it, and having people thank me.

To that I say, you're welcome!

For your viewing pleasure, I give you the 30-15 Workout! You can do this workout at home if you have a little bit of space. This should take you 40-45 minutes, and it is a combination of 9 exercises, each done FIVE times in a row. You will work for 30 seconds and rest for 15.

In between each station, my peeps completed one minute of skipping... juuuuust in case this wasn't intense enough already. I've included a video of three options for skipping- two are done WITHOUT the jump rope. The middle is the lowest impact option, followed by the right and then the left.

Remember to complete one option of these in between each station- and each station is done 5 times in a row! 30 ON, 15 OFF.

1. Front Leg Kicks- Heavy Bag
Make contact with the bottom of your foot, like Elain does in the video (as if you are trying to shut a door in front of you). Avoid contacting with a straight leg! Doing these without the heavy bag still count for great cardio!

2. Equalizer Chin Up 3xs
The straighter your legs, the harder! If you don't have access to a chin up bar (you can use the squat rack at your gym- put the bar at a low level), you can do Push Up 3xs (pulse 3 times at the bottom half of your push up).

3. YAY for BURPEES!!! These are BOSU Burpees- using a half stability ball. If you don't have access to this, do regular burpees- or to pick it up a notch, complete these using a medicine ball! Hardcore.

4. The next move is a shuffle + jumping lunge. Originally this was done with use of a ladder to ensure the lunges were wide enough to be done over top of the ladder. It can also be done without a ladder- just pick a number and complete that many shuffles, and that many jumping lunges. I chose 12! :)

5. Here's Katrina doing 8 mountain climbers/1 push up. This is HARD. If you want to make it harder, complete 6 mountain climbers to 1 push up!

6 and 7. Here's a move that looks easier than it is. It's the Side Squat + Speed Skate on the right side, followed by the left side. Remember: this is done for 30 seconds, repeated 5 times on the same side! Um... major burn.

8. Here's Amanda doing the Pendulum Swing! She does a great job at keeping her core steady while kicking her legs out to the side as high as she can. If you want to pick this up a notch, do a single hop in between swings.

9. Oblique Twists with Med Ball- Low to High
This was done with a 4lb. medicine ball- which is a LOT. You DON'T NEED a heavy weight for your abs! If you don't  have a med ball, try using something around your house- a bottle of juice or carton of soup, perhaps!

VOILA! You are done. I wanted to DIE during this.

It's Monday! What are your fitness plans this week?