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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Workout Obsession: Tread!

Pin It Have 20 minutes? You CAN get a killer workout in. Try it: Tread.

The concept of Tread is not all that original, but it took reading Women's Health (Anna Kournikova was on the cover and I had to buy it for her fab abs alone) to read about a new fitness trend: Tread classes! Some high-end gyms (with treadmills galore) are starting to include this in their fitness schedules. But you can do it as long as you can monopolize a treadmill for about 20 minutes!

F you, Anna. 
I'm aware that Anna has never won a major tennis tournament. I'm also aware that as the newest Biggest Loser trainer, she has never had to struggle with her weight, and has been criticized for not being able to relate to the losers. But I love her. Actually, my favourite women's tennis players include Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Steffi Graf- all wicked athletes and awesome females. Anna is a personal trainer with a killer bod and she works hard for it!

Anyways, enough of my creepy obsession with female athletes. I tried this workout at home (I'm lucky to have my own Treadmill) and it was amaze.

Warm Up: Walk/Jog at a comfortable pace for 3-5 minutes.


Minute 1: Jog at medium pace (I did 6 mph on my treadmill, Eddy)
Minute 2: Quick Jog (6.5mph)
Minute 3: Fast jog (7mph)

Pause session, get off treadmill, and complete one minute of the following:

1) Alternating Front Lunges

Repeat Treadmill Run (3 minutes) at the same speeds! 

2) Push Ups (you know you wanna.)

Repeat Treadmill Run (3 minutes) at the same speeds! 

3) 10 Squats + 10 Jumping Squats

Repeat Treadmill Run (3 minutes) at the same speeds! 

4) Plank

Repeat Treadmill Run (3 minutes) at the same speeds! 

5) Jumping Lunges (I wanted to dieeeeeeeee- I kept picturing Anna) 

The last time I hopped on the treadmill, I picked it up a notch: 

Minute 1: 7mph
Minute 2: 7.5mph
Minute 3: 8mph

Cool Down: 3-5 minutes walking. 

Try it! You'll get a killer workout in 20 minutes that torches calories and fat! If the treadmill isn't your thing, you can do this on any cardio equipment!

Do you use the treadmill in the winter?
I have a love affair with my treadmill in the winter! It gets me up in the morning and starts my day. Annoying, I know.