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I am a teacher, fitness/yoga instructor, runner, celebrity stalker, chocolate lover, embarrassing dancer, wine guzzler, can't-live-without-my-girlfriends kind of girl. I also have a collection of high heels that strongly outweighs my collection of runners. My goal is to find balance in my life through health and exercise- and when I say balance, I mean kicking ass in the gym and enjoying food, wine, family, friends, and basking in celebrity news. Let's eat clean and do some craaahaaayzy workouts together... followed by a glass of wine.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge... and Indulge.

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Serves me right, I guess.

I was trying to be a good teacher and inspire my students in an epic game.... of dodgeball.

I know what you're thinking- it's the gym teacher's way out, throw out a few balls (ha!) and let the kids pummel the crap out of each other while said teacher sits back, reads the newspaper and enjoys a morning croissant on the bench.

Actually, dodge ball has truly advanced from the time you and I cowardly hid in the corner at age 8. Dodge ball, unlike the movie suggests, has evolved from the invasion game where one kid with a pitcher's arm knocks the teeth out of the rest to multiple games that actually has kids up and moving and not eliminated with one hit. I was playing "everyone for themselves"- a dodge ball game where if you are hit, you crouch down for the time being, but when they person who got YOU out gets hit, you get to come back in the game. It can truly go on for hours. The kids love it, and it keeps everyone active. Including said teacher, who was the main target (obvi) throughout the game.

I was expertly dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and... dodging the ball(s) when I awkwardly twisted my knee and felt a twinge. I laughed, crouched down (in agony), and held back tears. Then I did what any mature, normal 20-something teacher/authority figure would have done. I continued to play the game.
I'm a competitive person. My friend Jessi is an amazing runner, and runs for the love of it. She has been running since high school when most of us were chowing down McDonald's three times a week with extra McChicken sauce (yes, they have this). She is a natural runner, her stride graceful and sleek. She is more of a runner than I'll ever be, but doesn't feel the need to compete in races. This makes me respect her love for running even more. If she had been playing dodgeball with teenagers, she would be able to say "I've hurt myself" without wincing in pain and trying to be cool. Note to self: learn from Jessi.

I did a short 20-minute circuit with my grade twelve's on Friday after the knee incident, including running suicides, bunny-hop squats, skipping, ladder activities, and more. Stupid move #2. It wasn't until later that night while blog stalking that I realized how much it hurt! So, my dreams of going for a long run on the boardwalk and trying out a new heavy-bag interval style bootcamp this weekend were squashed. I also wasn't able to see my love, Gudrun. Devastating.

Candy and cupcake table, you took away my sorrow.
So, I decided to really enjoy the weekend. Saturday was my girlfriend Katherine's bridal shower! This was no tea-and-crumpets kind of bridal shower. I am a bridesmaid and we decided to have a "Bridesmaid- the Movie" themed shower. If you haven't seen this movie, you NEED TO SEE IT. The shower had the MOST amazing food possible, enough liquor to satisfy the entire wedding, and ladies who dressed up, wore heels in the house, and overall had a great time. This is what life is about- balance. Kick ass in the gym (this includes fellow dodgeballers) and kick ass in life. What's the point of working so hard if you can't let yourself enjoy your social time, a few drinks, and a cupcake a few times a day month?


Fine. I'll have a glass. But only because you're forcing me.

Injured or not... heels are a must.
The bride got to go home with an even more exciting gift!

(If you haven't seen the movie, this will make no sense...)
What a glorious day! Carter surprised me on Sunday with the words "Hangover" and "Shopping". What a combo- going to a power mall and shopping at such stores as Marshall's (um... anyone else think this is EXACTLY the same as Winner's?) and then seeing the Hangover II.

Before the movie, we went to a few home stores and my favourite- Carlton Cards. I could card shop all day long. I find it oddly soothing and almost like meditating. I often cry in card stores. Do not judge me.

After we came away with 12 cards (yes... 12) and watching the movie, we went home where I got to enjoy my take-home gift from the shower... a cupcake. Then we made Kraft Dinner. Amen.

No, no. Thank YOU.

Moral of my weekend: when you do something stupid, reward yourself. All weekend long. The end.

I'm so glad you picked classy bridesmaids to be in your wedding, Katherine.

What is your food weakness?

Sundays are usually cheat days, and I love me some KD and chocolate.

Um... I thought this blog was about fitness. So far you've talked about your woman crushes and an unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

Um... yeah.

Have you ever tried to look cool and wound up injured in the end?

Dodgeball is deadly. I also knew a girl in high school who jumped up and down and broke BOTH her feet. From jumping. BOTH. So I win.


  1. When I saw the candy table from the shower I nearly died.

    Weakness...I think you already know is chocolate. But there is more. Much more. BBQ kettle chips, any kind of sour candy, carrot cake from Fresh, vegan cookies from the Second Cup in Sunnybrook hospital (don't ask), and Tostitos with salsa.

    I tried to be cool training for Ottawa. Dean and I went for a training run at the beach (in your hood) and I almost collapsed from knee pain. But I told him I was fine and could keep going...oops. That's when he drove me to the Running Room to get some magic strap for my knee that didn't help at all.

    Who breaks both feet? WTF?!

  2. Um, JEALOUS!! I want to be at that party!! All that food...YUM! :D

    Food weaknesses? LOADS haha! Chocolate, nut butter and dates I could eat endlessly, and do! :P

    And WOAH broke both feet?! OUCH!!

    P.S. You are gorgeous and I want your hair:)

  3. dodgeball...love it! haha...actually i royally suck at it, anything with coordination in fact, but i always love me some good smack talk and playing it. but i'm really sorry that this time it took a deadly turn, at least injury wise! ugh, i hope u heal up fast and get right back to it. :(

    dang girl you clean up amazing! super cute pix and i think i'll need to ask u for some style/fashion/hair tips. i'm a big hot mess! haha.

    okay, food weaknesses: really any kind of doughy carb, anything chocolate, and lethal when combined.

    ummm, and to those who question why you speak of girl crushes and chocolate...they have issues.

    oh, i'm the queen of klutz and am constantly bruising/cutting/hurting myself. sadly i never end up looking cool.

  4. You guys are amazing!!! Thanks for the awesome comments. And I'm pretty sure you need to check out the mirror... I want your everything!