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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tosca Reno, Larabar Winner, and Washing Machines.

Pin It Alright. You're about to be majorly jeal.

Yesterday, I came home to a little surprise from my friends at Larabar. A gift with their new Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte (CCCT) flavour. Delivered to my house.

"Everything's better with a cherry on top". Especially cherries. 
Don't be a hater.

If that wasn't majorly unfair already, I received my giveaway from i heart wellness- a 16 count box of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars, too!!!!!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII KNOW (Insert Monica Gellar voice here). I LOVE both of these flavours. I have to say that Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is my ALL TIME favourite- even trumping my previous fave, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (are you seeing a trend? All of these start with "Chocolate". I'm so predictable.).

To top it off, Tosca Reno, author, Oxygen Magazine cover model, hottest woman alive- somehow found my little blog on clean eating and thought my desperate act for attention (climbing into a washing machine in my skirt) was cute.

Funny, this is ALSO how I look in a bikini. When I put my face over Tosca's.

This was the photo I didn't originally share. But since my luck was crazy insane, I thought I'd share this so you can not be so mad at me. I fell. 

So yeah. She thought it was cute. Not creepy, not weird, not insane.


Funny enough, our washing machine kicked it last week, and we got a new one. Yesterday.

The day that Tosca Reno gave my little blog a shout out.

I used that washing machine last night. To clean my underwear that I peed in. Thank you, Tosca! I won't tell you about the pizza I ordered on the weekend.

And now, I give you the winner of my Larabar Giveaway!

Amen, Molly!
Congratulations to Molly at I'm a Sleeper Baker! You've won an assortment of Larabars! Send me your info at [email protected] and I'll get you some yumminess!

Anyone else a Tosca fan? Do you own the Eat Clean Diet? 


  1. Im still so jealous of this Tosca Reno brush with fame. My mom had read Oxygen for years and I love her, and yes--own the Eat Clean Diet and love it. Just so cool!!!!

  2. I was sorta a fan till I watched the series on tv where she was getting ready for a body building competition. Not since!

    Nice score on the LARABARS though!

  3. Big Tosca Reno fan ....http://paticlark.blogspot.com/
    She inspires me ....I'm 42 yrs old & I'm just now getting started to go Fit & Healthy ....I'm glad I found your blog too keep up the good work :)

    Never tried Larabar they all sound yummy

  4. Hmmm.....it's possible I eat pretty dirty. I mean I guess most of my diet is clean, but Sunday night I killed a Dominoes pizza, I think my husband thought he was going to get some, but, we've been married over 3 years now, he should have known he needed to move faster. But I just ate oatmeal with berries for breakfast, so it essentially evens out. That picture of you is freakin hilarious, and I am going to jealously hate on your Larabar delivery! Enjoy!

  5. I'd go a little crazy if Tosca gave me a shout out. I kind of love her, and have a few of her cookbooks. The flax pudding is yummy but give me the hebejebes!

    Also is she not smokin' hot?! Like you ;)