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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It's Okay to be a Chocolathlete- Chocolate #9 Giveaway!!!!

Pin It Have you ever ordered a hot fudge sundae, with extra fudge? Ended up with just hot fudge left, and felt no shame to eat a spoonful of just fudge?

No? Just me?

Enter: Chocolate #9.

You all know by now, my shameless addiction to chocolate. Recall: for my birthday, my brother and sister used to give me a chocolate bar. I don't have to tell you again that my university roommates would send me to bed with a bag of cookies when I was upset about a boy. I even had my mom and my friends hide chocolate around the house because if I was trying to be good, no one was allowed to enjoy it.

This was actually the "decent shot" of me in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

I may or may not have taken the wrapper off.

The truth. 

Not pictured: Me, head-first in that fountain.

You also know that I love to work out. Oh, right. That's why you started a blog, you weirdo.

Basically, I work out to eat chocolate. So imagine my surprise when Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner was having a giveaway for energy gels- chocolate energy gels- and I won! The great peeps at Chocolate #9 want to spread the love, and now it's your turn to win!

Hold up... I work out, and eat chocolate gel, so I can work out longer? This is heaven!

Chocolate #9 literally tastes like that spoonful of hot fudge that no one was supposed to see you eat. And, it's easy on the stomach! Long distance running is hard on the stomach in the first place- and some high sugar energy gels can leave you running to the bathroom after you cross the finish line. Chocolate #9 is sweetened only with organic agave, contains no refined sugar or other high glycemic index sweeteners.

It has been tested- in Toronto, yo!- and certified as a low glycemic index (GI) item. It is suitable for diabetics, and is vegan, low fat, and gluten free!

I know what you're thinking- after reading all of that, I bet it tastes like poo! TRUST ME people, it is RIDIC. And remember- I am basically a chocolate connoisseur. You want this. 

What I liked most about Chocolate #9 (besides the obvious... I'm so pathetic) was the "slow-burn" energy I felt during a long run. It didn't feel like my heart was going to jump out of my chest or like I was shaking from caffeine. It was efficient and it worked. And even if you aren't an endurance athlete, you can put this on your ice cream, and you will thank me. 

You're welcome.

Here's how you can win a whack of Chocolate #9 Gels! As always, leave a separate comment for each entry!

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  1. I won't enter this one because I have a few left over...but oh my gosh how amazing are they, seriously? Also, that picture of you in front of the chocolate fountain makes me jealous. Because you're gorgeous, but also because of all that chocolate, yum!!!

  2. I like choco #9 on facebook & told 'em you sent me:)

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    (thank's Jenn for posting the link on Twitter, by the way!)

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  6. I obviously love this. (And that black dress + statement necklace and your hair... details on all of the above please.)

    Just tweeted!

  7. I loved "the truth" HAHAHA I already like you on facebook! you are so funny :D xxoxo

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  13. Those people who don't workout to eat chocolate are in need of serious help. Like, who can get motivated to work out for celery? (unless it's dipped in chocolate....)

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