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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fitness Monday: The 300 Workout!

Pin It I did this workout with my peeps on Thursday night, and I'm still sore. A good sore, though- you know, that kind when you walk up the stairs and you feel like your butt is tighter. Then, you feel amazing about yourself and feel so proud that you go to treat yourself to a great pair of workout pants. You go into the changeroom, and the pants slither on. You feel awesome. You think of how many of your friends are going to be jealous of your new, J-Lo looking butt. All those squats and lunges have finally paid off.

Then, you look behind you. And beside you. And you realize, light grey is so NOT your colour. Especially when you can see the outline of your underwear and the chocolate bar you ate on the way to the store on your hips. The chips you thought no one saw you devour are suddenly indented on your ass. You leave and curse the goddamn 4-way mirror, and buy a loose top and another chocolate bar.

Um... anyways... now that I'm exposed, here's my latest workout for you. The 300 Workout originated from the movie "300"- think Gerard Butler, near-naked. Enough said.

Butler and the rest of the 300 cast did this workout to increase strength, build endurance, and strip fat- fast. The "300" in the title indicates the total number of reps that you complete.

So, I decided that I'd put together my own 300 Workout- and think of Gerard Butler. Near naked.

Who is this guy, and why isn't he wearing sunglasses?

The 300 Workout looks simple on paper- complete 300 reps of differing exercises in a row. The thing to remember is the QUALITY of your reps- they should be full reps, and you should go through the workout as quickly as you can. Basically, kick the crap out of yourself, as quickly as possible, and don't cheat. Great.

I decided to run my 300 Workout with a Tabata twist to it! Here's how it looked:

WARM UP: 5 rounds of skipping (1 minute each). In between jump rope intervals, we did 1 minute of each: forearm plank/forward lunges/crunches/squats/plank on hands. Um, yeah. this was just the warm up.

10 Wide Stance Burpees
10 Push Ups + Leg Lift
10 Jumping Lunges with Twist (5-25lb weight held overhead and then twist to the side)
20 Crunches + Right and Left Oblique Twist
10 Plank Jumps + Side Crunch
50 Reps Total

This was repeated 5 times to total 300 reps! Enjoy the videos of these victims hardcore peeps. They include clips of the warm up, burpees, plank jumps, and push ups!

WARM UP (Check out Bailey smiling through this. She had no clue what was coming to her next):

WIDE STANCE BURPEES (THIS is what killed me. I am still sore 3 days later- the wide stance on the jump out and jump back is harder than it looks!)

PUSH UP + LEG LIFTS (Can also be done on the knees. Begin on knees, complete one push up. Move to a plank, and lift one leg, return back to knees.) 


Let me know what you think! 

It's Monday! What are your fitness goals for the week? 


  1. Love this!! Your little fitting room monologue is just me, plain and simple! Ha! Why, oh why do they not have flattering lights (ie no lights!) and mirrors in these places?! Internet shopping is definitely my friend! Haha! My fitness goal for this week is to train at least once seeing as my foot is finally on the mend! Woo hoo! Nearly 3 weeks off = I'm dreading getting started again! :/ And my goal for today is to not eat more than two slices of the triple layer brownie cake I have sat in my kitchen... I mean, thats realistic, right!? :) Any less and I would just be flat out lying!

  2. I was thinking, that sounds easy - then I read to do it five times. Whew! Sounds like a real burner.

    Oh, and I hate it when I can see my chocolate bar through my pants. Usually for me it's I can see the six-pack in my belly, but not the muscle kind...

  3. The halloween treats found me last night. It started out innocently enough... I went out, bought a modest size bag (by that I obviously mean the biggest family size box I could find, I'll admit it), displayed them beautifully in my kitchen and then swelled with pride that I felt absolutely no need to eat them all.
    Well, at first.
    As the evening progressed and my unruly salivating got the better of me I decided to have 'just one'. That, my friend, was the beginning of the end. Fifteen minutes later I may or may not have been found weeping under a duvet on the sofa... with a chocolate mustache.
    My fitness goals this week are to a) fit into my jeans again and b) try your 300 workout instead of eating 300 mini chocolate bars.