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Friday, 7 October 2011

Fitness Friday: The $1 Workout

Pin It Happy Fitness Friday! The inspiration for this workout was to find a hardcore way to kick some serious ass on a serious budget. There are many ways to workout using just your body weight, so some of these moves involve just that. Others would cost around $1, or you could probably find them lying around your house!

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Here's what you need for this workout:

1. Tape (Painter's Tape always works!)
You can get this shiznit at the dollar store!

2. Old Nylons

I don't want to tell you what came up when I googled "nylons". 

3. Tennis Ball

Nice ball.

4. 2 Paper Plates

Also great to whip out this move at your next dinner party.

5. Space to jump!

My peeps and I did TABATA Training- I set up 9 stations. For each station, we did 20 seconds ON and 10 seconds OFF... times EIGHT.

EIGHT TIMES- that is for real Tabata Training. The only break we had was after station 4- I gave everyone a 90 second break.

Stations were:

1. Out & In Jumping Planks: 2 Options! Remember- these are all 20 seconds, times EIGHT!

2. Burpees with oblique crunch: Jump high in the air, land and jump back into a plank position. Bring your right knee to your right wrist, then back to plank. Bring your left knee to your left wrist, then back to plank. Jump your feet to your hands and begin from the top!

3. Here's Goran doing this AMAZING move- 3 Jumping Lunges + a HANDSTAND with your front leg!!! This. Was. AWESOME. It's really difficult to do a handstand in general, let alone when you lead with your non-dominant foot! A real core shredder :)

4. T Push-Ups: Complete one push up and move to a right side plank. Back to centre and push up, move to a left side plank. Repeat!

5. Makeshift Tether Ball Oblique Twists: Here's where your nylons and tennis ball come in! Cut the nylon about 3/4 up the leg (leaving about an arm's length of nylon). Put a tennis ball in the nylon and tie it at the top!

Bear with me- it gets good. 
Check out the video of the oblique crusher (yes, I'm SMILING!):

6. Ladder Split Squats AND 7. Paper Plate Mountain Climbers are shown on the video!

8. X-Jumps: Make 8-9 small X's with your tape in a zig-zag pattern, about 1 metre apart. Start at one end with your foot on the outside X and shuffle through on the marked X's. Once at the end, shuffle back!

9. High Knees on the spot (or jump rope- if you can buy one for a dollar!) :)

VOILA! The $1 Workout- about 40 minutes in total (including stretching) with very minimal equipment, and very little space!!!

What are YOU doing for this Fitness Friday?


  1. I am so in love with this post! I think a lot of people use cost a an excuse to not work out. "I can't afford a gym membership/treadmill/weight machine" But you have just proven that this excuse is bogus! All of these workouts are challenging, fun and most importantly, cheap!

    I really like the tether ball idea. Very creative!

  2. You are amazing. You are my new favourite inspirational/motivational resource. I love the videos! Keep it up, buttercup!

  3. You really should apply to be a presenter at the WSS (you know what I mean). There is a guy who comes every year and presents similar activities, but always with CRAZY equipment, which I'm sure is really expensive. Since schools don't have a lot of moolah, this exercises would be perfect for phys-ed teachers to do with their classes on the cheap!

  4. Dang girl! This makes me tired just reading it.

  5. f&*k Burpees. That is all.

    HAHA!! KIDDING! Katy this post is RIDIC - you are BEYOND awesome!! All of these workouts are fan-freakin'-tastic, and the fact that they are affordable makes it that much more motivating for people. You are really making me miss my gym in Cali - but more so you're making me want to fly you out or kidnap you so you can train here instead;)

    Quality post girl!

  6. Damn I want to train with you girl!! Although now I'm all inspired and motivated yet I still can't walk on my bloody foot! Gahh! Gotta stick to upper body workouts at the mo... would love it if you did a post on that!! hint hint nudge nudge! ;D

  7. Katy - I always love your workouts. They are very creative fun and challenging. You make working out fun, I love you for that.

  8. awesome workout!! sounds hard but easy to put together..love it!

  9. So creative!! Thank you for sharing! <3