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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Golf = Workout...?

So, apparently golf is tiring.

I have been dying to take up golf for a long time now. Carter is a golf fanatic- when he stopped playing professional lacrosse, I was hoping I'd get to see him more often. In fact, when I was in teacher's college, he was 2 hours away and on weekends he would be gone for lacrosse, which meant I would see him every third Sunday or so for a few hours. It was the hardest 8 months of my life!

Turns out, golf has replaced lacrosse. Hmph.

Anyways, I've wanted to play with him forever. I know there's no such thing as being natural at golf, but I think I've done alright thus far. I'm not good, but I can hit the ball. I can learn to play. I can get better. It's called PRACTICE. And how do you practice? YOU GO PLAY GOLF. Duh. So my Dad and I were going to go when Carter begged to come with us. I thought we were going for 9 holes- we went for 18. And it was a par-3 course (every hole has a par-3 which makes it a small course). It took us 3 and a half hours to play, which apparently is short for a golf game.

The week before our wedding, Carter played 54 holes. In one day.


I was happy with how I played! It is equally exhilirating and frustrating at the same time. You hit an awesome shot, and then you totally mess up the chip shot or putt... or vise versa.

I was dead after our round.

I always hear the same things about yoga- how people are surprised what a workout it can be. This golf course was so hilly, we were literally hill training and hiking for 3 hours. Well... I was, more than my Dad or Carter... because I would hit the ball into the woods and then have to find it.

I have to apologize for being totally MIA for the last week- I was in a wedding and have not been at a computer until now- I feel like I have 8 blogs to write!

In the spirit of golf, I felt it necessary to include this photo from the wedding:

Nice form.
We then took my nephew to Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Putt where he sunk three holes in one. THREE! The dude is 4 years old and got more holes in one than any of us. Do I smell a natural?

Carter taking putting advice from my 4 year old nephew.
9 month old Taylor getting in on the action. Start them young, they say.
1. Is there a workout/sport that you thought would be easy that turned out to be surprisingly difficult? 
LOTS. Yoga was one of them. Having played baseball and hockey most of my life, I figured hitting a golf ball would be a piece of cake. Lacrosse is also an extremely difficult sport to pick up!

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Chels said...

I still recall the first time I played golf, totally stressed myself out with the sport. Much harder then I thought it would be. Swimming as well, went for my first time yesterday and figured it would be a piece of cake, I was huffing and puffing like crazy!

Julia said...

wow! your nephew has some serious talent! i am so terrible at golf. I can totally relate. I was always thinking "what is the big deal???" and then my dad and bro finally invited me on their little adventure and just laughed at me the whole time...awesome. haha.

DEM said...

Yoga was surprisingly tough for me...golf was more frustrating than tiring - I got a little bored with it...I try to go with my Dad once a year because he still thinks he can make me a pro...so I indulge him, and usually end up being the beer girl - or should I say volunteering to go get the beers so I can feel like I am doing something productive...woops!

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Golf... in my opinion ruins a good walk! But then I've never properly tried it, so really I should just shut my trap! :/ And pilates on one of those machines was a lot bloody harder than I anticipated!! Luckily i'm not really a fan of pilates! Or maybe, because of this I'm not really a fan on pilates... anyway potato potahto! :D Glad your back! :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I went to a driving range once. I've never been real golfing! My entire back and arms were really sore the next day though.

I was surprised at how much I sweat during your yoga and pilates classes! I always thought they were more relaxing and lazy. You proved me wrong, superwoman!

You're almost at 50 followers! I hope I win!!

broccoliniandcheese.com said...

I've always wanted to try out golfing, and have heard it is quite tiring! Guess this just proves it.

Caitlin said...

does mini golf count?!?! haha...no, i've actually never tried golf, for the very reason that i assumed it to be boring and not a good workout. :P the two biggest things that i've learned are NOT weenie workouts are both yoga and pilates...lessons learned. :)

but so i see u've done 100 push-ups...holy cow...that's AMAZING!! will u come over and bench press me?? ;)

Briana said...

Oh man, I LOVE golf and, if you walk the course rather than take a cart (which we do), it is a totally workout. 18 holes on a regular course = 5 miles walked! Plus all that upper body stuff! Love it.

Keep it up! And yes, it is one of the most frustrating sports!

Amy said...

I've never played golf before, although I don't think my health insurance would cover me for when I accidentally smack myself in the head with a club. Oh yes, it would happen :) Best to stick with the running I think...
Congratulations on the 100 push-ups!!

Kristine @ Running on Hungry said...

Um golf is SO hard! I took ONE lesson and my triceps were sore for like 72 hours.

I thought Pilates would be a piece of cake (hello, I can do sit-ups!) WRONG. It was SO hard at first and it's JUST started to get easier since apparently, my abs decided to come out to play... finally!

Glad you're back lady! Missed these posts!

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