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Monday, 22 August 2011

My High Class, Pescatarian, Stand-Up Paddleboarding Anniversary

Yes, this all happened in one day! Last week was my two-year anniversary with my hubby (My Workout Partner For Life, Yo!) and we each had plans for each other on our Cotton Anniversary. (Note: We bought each other things with cotton. Him: two Gino style shirts, and Me: underwear. Yes.). I love having the "traditional gift" as well as something fun planned for the day, it makes it so much fun.

Last year was our Paper Anniversary, and Carter got me plane tickets. To our honeymoon location. For an all-inclusive week away.

F. Yeah.

Too bad plane tickets aren't paper AND cotton, but I digress.

Carter always supports me whether I'm taking a year-long yoga course, training for a run, playing lacrosse, volleyball or floor hockey, or trying out one of my new recipes. He teaches with me when I do Couples Yoga workshops, massages my legs when I'm super sore, and tells me I look skinny even if I binge-eat on Kraft Dinner and chocolate. 

This isn't just for the bedroom.

And... this is when I pulled a hammy.
I surprised Carter with our first experience of Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP!)!!! I have been DYING to try this, so really, it was a present to myself. From myself.

Carter is so lucky.

I did give him a really cute card from a company called Just Wink- which has the cutest and funniest cards! I found it at Shopper's Drug Mart and bought about 5 of them. In case you didn't know, I buy in bulk.

We rented boards through MSC Fitness (also the place with my goddess of a yoga instructor) and hit the beach early to get the calm water.

Not pictured: Board falling on my face.  
You can't tell, but I'm making my tough face. 

Carter's tough face. I actually told him to look tough. Sigh. 
So we hit the waves!

Um... literally.

We got into the water and stood up (a miracle in itself- it feels like you're on a BOSU or Balance board for the first 10 minutes) and began to paddle. Now, I consider myself a veteran paddler from when I used to do War Canoe when I was 11, so this would be a piece of cake, right?

Um, no.

We paddled for what felt like 30 seconds and the next thing we knew, we were WAY out in the water- the CHOPPY water, and the strong wind, pushing us away from the shoreline. When I say WAY out, I mean way. Holy. Crap. We paddled for probably an hour trying to get back to shore and we moved about 2 metres total. We finally decided (um... after falling off 2 or 3 times.. paddle INTO the waves, not with them) to go on our knees and paddle in, which was a killer core and quad workout.

So, yeah. It was freaking hard.

So I went out again.

Man, I must be soooo far! You can't even see me!

Oh, right. I took that photo.


When the hell did I get so cocky? 

I can tell by all the photos you're taking of ME, Carter, that this was a GREAT gift I got for you.
The second time out, I was hooked. Staying close to shore and working on going out, turning around, coming back to shore and going out again was MUCH better. It is a wicked core/leg workout and you get to be outside and on the water! Perfection.

In addition to MSC, the studio that I did my Yoga Teacher Training- P3 Yoga- also offers SUPing. Even Yoga on the SUP! (Photos to come later as I tried this at the cottage last week!)

After we SUPed, we had some much needed nap time (can this be my life for real? I never want to go back to teach) and then Carter took me to the MOST amazing, high-class, celebrity hot spot restaurant called Centro in midtown Toronto.

I can't help it. My guy is sexy.

You're not ready for what's about to hit you.
I got there to find a bottle of Prosecco chilling on ice beside our perfect table.

And, naturally, I was extremely classy about it.
What happened next, I can only show through pictures.

7. Course. Chef. Selection. Meal.


My first time eating Oysters... insert "aphrodisiac" joke here.

Lobster-Dill Chowder.

Grilled calamari on top of the most amazing salad of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Smoked Salmon, Capers, Eggs, Caviar. (Okay so I didn't really like this but I felt cool to have been served Caviar.)

Lobster Tail! I missed the shot of the Scallops because I was too busy eating.

The most ridiculously decadent chocolate lava cake and dark chocolate gelato. Helllllllllllllllls yes.
I'm smiling here, but deep down I'm pissed that I had to share my dessert. 
Dinner was 4 HOURS long- every course was paired with wine on top of my bottle of prosecco.

They must have known I'd had a lot to drink- it looks like I wrote it. Drunk.

We didn't want our photo taken, but couldn't move for the next 3 days. In fact, I'm typing this from the restaurant.
We rolled out of the restaurant and headed home, and I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't get the bill. Now I just have to wait for the Toronto International Film Festival when all the celebrities come back to Centro. I'm sure I'll get an invitation.

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1. SUPing. Thoughts? Would you try it? 

2. Ever gone out for a ridiculous dinner? DETAILS, people!!!!


Jess said...

You two are total hot stuff! LOVE how you spent your anniversary together - that dinner sounds A-MAZING!!! Especially the wine pairings with each course, soooo up my alley!!

broccoliniandcheese.com said...

A. SUPing is so fun! My dad owns one so we took it out on vacation! I was too chicken to do it in the ocean, so I only did it on the pond but still fun!
B. I did a pairing dinner once at a fancy French restaurant in San Francisco. It was so good, but I couldn't move after either! You food looked awesome!

Happy 2 years!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Seriously gorgeous couple! I want to try stand up paddleboarding! A friend of mine just tried yoga on a paddleboard last week--sounds like it would be up your alley big time.
In Hong Kong hubs and I would try out ridiculous fancy dinners every month or so, and I loved it. But in rural Georgia...not so much. I can't be bothered to drive 90 minutes one way just to get to a gourmet restaurant.

ATTrio said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I love oysters, I think they are my number 1 favorite food ever...... did you enjoy them?


p.s. thanks for the blog love =)

Stephanie said...

What a great picture of you guys! No ridiculous dinner yet, but we have reservations for a place in Chicago in October that you have to call 2 months out to get a reservation. They don't list their prices at all and I'm told it's very expensive. Don't worry...we aren't paying...it's a gift from my foodie aunt. Love her! :)

Kate said...

You look GORGEOUS in every single picture. Are you sure you're not a model on the side?

I want to try SUPing so bad! I was debating between buying a board or a treadmill. I went with the treadmill because I run more than I would SUP... but I think it's next on my big purchase list! It looks like so much fun and it sounds like a great core workout. Those boards are $500 minimum (the only downfall) and surfboards are much cheaper. I have always wanted to be a surfer...

Happy Anniversary!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

you guys are soooo stinkin cute. It sounds like an amazing trip. I want all that food, asap. Not sure that I'd try SUPing...I'm so uncoordinated!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!
SUP-ing looks fun, might have to develop some core strength first though :)
I have had some ridiculously good dinners, mostly at one of my friend's houses, she is a chef who has a soft spot for desserts. Yes, elastic pants are necessary and encouraged at these dinner parties.
I hope you both had a wonderful night at the restaurant, it looks delicious. Keep an eye out for that invitation:)

Alyssa said...

What an amazing anniversary! You make me feel like such a lame wife - it looks like you guys had such a good time! And I am SUPER jealous of that meal, amazing! I've never had that fancy of an experience, but I want to! You guys are a gorgeous couple. But, no matter how much I love my husband, I would never share my dessert. He'd have to order his own or get a Reese's on the way home, or risk a serious fork stab wound. You are a better woman than I.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Happy anniversary LOVE BUGS!!!!!

Dean and I tried SUP in Hawaii and I almost died. But it was fun. Kinda.

Ummm fancy dinners...not so much. I am so picky and so simple that I would much rather prefer french fries and a bowl of broccoli over fancy shmancy stuff! It sure looks pretty though! I wish I got excited about those things though. Dean's a lucky man. When we go to dinner it only costs about $25 max for the both of us haha.

I hate sharing dessert. When people suggest it, I want to bite their hands off. Either that or I eat so fast when it comes so that I end up getting more than them. I am disgusting and clearly going to hell.

Love you.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


Caitlin said...

omg so u have to be THE BEST wifey on the planet!! u guys look freaking adorable, and ummm, if i was doing that i'm pretty sure i'd be swimming with the fish the WHOLE time! :)

but luckily u were able to wash all that water our of ur mouths with a four hour din din that looked as redic as u explain!!! ummm, i think tho i'd just ask for the lava cake to come out as a starting, middle, and end course. ;) u are toooo gorgeous for words m'dear! :)

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

I heart SUP! Come to Maui & we'll SUP =)

Running Ricig said...

You guys are awesome!

Also, to your comment on my post...we eat Kraft with beans too. lol

Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

Paddle boarding looks like SO MUCH FUN! I want to try! Happy anniversary- that dinner looks amazing!

Going to enter your giveaway now! You can never have enough sports bras!

Have a super fab day chica!

Sunshine said...

How adorable! Happy Anniversary!


Amy said...

happy anniversary!! i love long dinners...they're the best!! usually entails lots of good food and lots of drinks! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Happy anniversary! looked like an awesome time! And i love that you tried paddleboarding...when we went to Barbados, the hubby and i would just stare in amazement while people did it. We both can't swim but we were so tempted to try it!

happyorhungry.com said...

Aw, you guys are super cute. Happy anniversary!
I have ALWAYS wanted to try paddle boarding! it looks like so much fun. And this is in Toronto?! That's it. I am totally hitting up MSC and doing this. Awesome.
Oh and then I am going to Centro because those eats look RIDICULOUS.

Kristine @ Running on Hungry said...

SUPing!! I'm determined to try that in Hawaii this year! It WILL happen!

Um your anniversary trip looks SO FUN! You guys are so darn cute.

Boyfriend and I went to this place in SF called Gary Danko for his birthday and it too was 4 HOURS and I left fuller than I've ever been in my entire life. SO worth it!

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