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Thursday, 4 August 2011

My name is Katy, and I'm a Chocoholic.

Weeeeeeeee! Carter and I went for a gorgeous run on the beach (although I think we waited too long as it was extremely humid- but we pushed through a quick 5km!) and then did some shopping along Queen Street East- in my sweaty outfit and Garmin. God, I love where I live. If I could live closer to the Beach then I would, but unfortunately that would entail me winning the lottery. There's always a chance.

Carter was going to buy me some flowers, and I happily obliged. I picked these out and he was thrilled- why? Because they are fake! I have a problem keeping any plant or flower alive for more than 5 minutes, so this worked well for both of us!

The next day I was driving to kickboxing and I saw a speed radar trap. I checked my speed and I was okay- going about 55 and approaching the cops standing beside a 50 sign. They pulled me over!!! Said I was going 55 in a 40 zone about 50 metres back. Even though the speed limit was changing to 50 in like, two seconds. Usually I pull the "I'm a teacher!" card, but I figured 9:15am on a Wednesday morning in the summer didn't scream the right time for that card. He did me a favour by dropping it to 10 over. Yes, a favour. Let's just say I got out a little more frustration in kickboxing that day!

On my way to teach Yoga that night, I stopped into Wickerhead chocolate shop in the Beach. Now, I need to prepare you for this. I love chocolate. I love every kind. I need to remind you that my university roommates would send me to bed with a box of chocolate cookies if I was upset. And I would happily oblige and eat the cookies, in bed.

Perhaps I shouldn't have shared that.

Anyways, I have never really been a fan of "fine" chocolates. I was always happy with Dairy Milk or Peanut Butter Cups or Peppermint Patties... oh dear God, I could go on. Wickerhead, is different.

Sharon owns Wickerhead and opened her beautiful shop about a year ago. At the time she was a die-hard client of mine, always coming to my Pump classes. She is a delight and I love her so so so much. When I heard she was opening a chocolate shop, I think I let out a small squeal. She brought me her famous Belgian Chocolate Popcorn that year for my birthday (that I didn't even tell her- she found out on her own) and when I tasted it, it was like my body didn't know what to do with itself. It is, my friends, RI-DIC.

So I started going to her shop to buy small gifts for people whenever I needed to. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays- it was perfect. She always gives me a warm hug when I enter and lets me sample one too many chocolates... perfection.

Someone get me a towel to wipe my drool.
I gave Christina at the Athletarian a box when she did a huge favour for Carter and I.. and she, too had the same reviews... check it out here. I bought a box of Chocolate Buddhas for my Yoga girls (fitting!) and, um... also bought a box for myself. Don't judge.

This is how I'd look if I ate as much Wickerhead as I actually want.
I think I just peed a li'l.


Wickerhead chocolate is like crack- I've never tasted anything like it. I find myself salivating as I go to walk in the door of the adorable shop. Thank God for work hard-play hard attitudes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to head into a meeting for Chocoholics Anonymous. 

1. Anyone else have a plant/flower handicap too? Am I alone?
My name is Katy. I love chocolate, and I kill plants.

2. What is your go-to quick gift?
Wickerhead Chocolate- both parties win. They get glorious chocolate, and I get to sample while I wait. Hallelujah.


Alyssa said...

Can I please do a favor for you to get some chocolate? I'll do anything. Chocolate popcorn needs to be in my life ASAP. I don't think I have a quick go to gift - I mean seeing me is really gift enough for anyone. I can't keep ANYTHING alive, I so wish I could. That ticket was BS.

Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

um, now I want those! I would go nuts and then go into insulin shock or something.

I am no good with plants b/c I forget to water. I need strong stuff. And my cat likes to eat plants and then vomit them up (pleasant!), so they are kind of not worth it.

Hey-I was thinking about adding in a bit of yoga to my workouts. Do you have a dvd you recommend or know of any good ones?

Briana said...

I can manage to keep indoor plants alive, no problem. But outdoor plants? Nope. I kill 'em all.

Wow. That chocolate sounds amazing! Good chocolate is so worth the calories!

Amy said...

Hello, my name is Amy, and I need to be in the same therapy group! Can't get enough chocolate, my sister and Mum and I did a chocolate crawl around Melbourne the week after my half marathon - that's post event refueling, right?

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I hate plants! The ONLY thing my mom asked me to do while she was at the cottage last week was to water the plants. Do you think I did it? Nope. Do you think she wanted to kill me? Yep.

I don't have a go-to gift just yet, but when I move in next door to you, it will be WICKERHEADS too! Damn Sharon and her mad chocolate skills. I'm going to go broke spending $25 on a box of chocolates each and every time!

Jess said...

My name is Jess and I am a chocoholic …with a black thumb. Plants see me coming and start wilting immediately. On our first date, my green-thumbed partner brought me a Money Tree/Jade plant (because I was honest and told him that plants get suicidal around me) and a bag filled with cream and mini eggs (because Easter had just passed and I woefully spoke of my love for them). The eggs went over extremely well… the Jade plant? Not as well. I nervously accepted the plant-gift as he assured me that I couldn’t kill it.
Well, I killed it (…um, the plant and the bag of chocolate).
Within a month the Jade ate itself and disintegrated into nothing. I was literally left with a pot of dirt… and all I was hoping for was a pot of gold.
I’m not cool enough to have go-to gifts. Ironically, I often bring flowers!

runningonhungry.com said...

Um my boyfriend and I killed a houseplant we bought in the "hard to kill" section of the nursery... 3 times. Woooops. I also killed a rosemary plant in 48 hours. Flowers however thrive!

I NEED this chocolate! How do I get it in CA?!

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