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I am a teacher, fitness/yoga instructor, runner, celebrity stalker, chocolate lover, embarrassing dancer, wine guzzler, can't-live-without-my-girlfriends kind of girl. I also have a collection of high heels that strongly outweighs my collection of runners. My goal is to find balance in my life through health and exercise- and when I say balance, I mean kicking ass in the gym and enjoying food, wine, family, friends, and basking in celebrity news. Let's eat clean and do some craaahaaayzy workouts together... followed by a glass of wine.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Butterfly Blogger Award- I apologize in advance.

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Yay- a blogger award from the lovely Christina at The Athletarian! This woman rocks my socks off- I'm pretty sure the only reason I have followers is because she gives me shout outs on her blog so I probably don't have to tell any of you to follow her, because you probably already do! She is gorgeous, cute as a button, and just a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit crazy- the girl works out like, all the time. I try to pressure her into drinking martinis and wearing high heels and she tries to pressure me into eating better and working out. It's a fair trade, I'd say. 

Hahahahah we are creeps. 

So here goes: Christina tagged me in the Butterfly Blogger Award! 
Is this grammatically correct? God, I'm a loser. 
So lucky for you folks I get to answer really random questions about myself! I know what you're thinking: Could this Tuesday get ANY better? The answer is no. 

Name your favourite colour: Blue, I think. I find this question annoying. I like lots of colours. And black. My favourite colour is ROYGBIV. Take that. 

I don't discriminate.
Name your favourite song: My favourite song(s) at the moment are Bruno Mars- Marry You, anything by Adele, and David Guetta- Titanium. But my favourite song of ALL TIME would have to be from Billy Ocean's Greatest Hits album. 

Don't pretend you've never heard his fierce beats. 

Name your favourite dessert: Why are these questions making me irrationally angry? As if someone could pick ONE favourite dessert. Oh... so people actually COULD? And I'm just a cow? Great. Then I'll say a nice cup of fruit or one square of dark chocolate. I couldn't possibly eat more. 

Oh, I'd love to have a piece of cake! I didn't even know there was any. 

What wizzes you off:  When people use "wizz" instead of "piss". I have terrible road rage. I thought being a Yoga Teacher would chill me out a bit, but people are so freaking slow sometimes. DRIVE YOUR CAR. USE THE PEDAL. PUT YOUR SIGNAL ON. CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT. 

Truth: I have road rage because 99% of the time I'm the one that's late. There, I said it. But still... people can't drive.


 When you're upset you: can't answer this question either. It really depends. I may curl up into a ball and not leave my couch, I might go for a long run, I might kick the crap out of the heavy bag, I might spend a ridiculous amount of money in a record amount of time, or I might eat my body weight in chocolate ice cream. All healthy options, I'd say. 

See? If it's on a magnet, it must be healthy.

This needed to make the blog, for obvious reasons.

Your favourite pet:  I LOVE dogs and cats. I grew up with both- German Shepherds are my favourite dogs and I would DIE to have a cat. Too bad my husband is conveniently "deathly allergic" to them. 

This cat is plotting my death.

Black or white:  Black: purse, shoes, jacket, pants, coffee, ice cream topping, hair colour when roots coming in. White: shirt, socks, ice cream, snow, flowers.

Black shirt, massive wine glass. Only thing wrong with this photo is the fact that my glass is empty.

Your biggest fear:  #1: Not getting to 100 followers by the end of September. #2: Dying. #3: Those stupid millipedes that invade my house and likely go through my closet. 


Best feature:  Definitely my face. 

For real though, I don't mind my gams. Yes, gams. 

Just a regular night out with my gals and my gams. 

Everyday attitude:  Sarcastic. Sometimes bitchy. Annoyingly excited when teaching fitness. 

Do your push ups or this face will haunt your dreams.

What is perfection:  Complete happiness with oneself. (That's what Christina wrote, and I felt guilty erasing it to put my answer. Well done, Christina. My answer involves a beach, Wickerhead chocolate, US Weekly, and personal shoppers. Pretty similar to yours, I'd say.)

Per. Fection. 

Guilty pleasure:  Shit. I guess I can't answer with beach, Wickerhead chocolate, US Weekly, and personal shoppers, can I? Chocolate, celebrities, wine, and shopping are definite. 

As is my love for Celine Dion. Girl is my idol. Check out the bod to go along with that angelic voice. 

Now if we could just get rid of her creepy husband. 

So here's how it works: I need to tag 7 other people to share the same fun facts for the Butterfly Award! It's on you, ladies!

Kristine @ Running On Hungry
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
Hayley @ Oat Couture

1. Answer ANY of the above questions, my lovely readers! Most importantly tell me I'm not totally whack. 


  1. How in the world did you get your face to distort like that?!?! I love it! Can you do that for me the next time I see you? Please and thanks.

  2. My favorite dessert has to be chocolate chip cookies, simple and classic!

  3. LOVE your blog, just stumbled upon it~ Love it too when i find yet another sacrastic biiiatch ;) total compliment I promise!!! XOXO

  4. Hey lady! I felt a little famous when I saw you had given me a shout out!!! I will get right on it! I'm with ya...Boo for empty wine glasses!!!

  5. Aww the kitty you are holding looks like mine :) I love black cats.

    You are too funny and not whack at all. My guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model and I really hate to admit that because I sooooo despise reality TV.

  6. haha, there are few things in life I love more than answering random questions about myself.
    I can't STAND when people say wizz. Who says that?! Supremely uncool people, that's who.

    That millipede is disgusting.

    Please, please someone tell me next time there is a blogger meet-up! I want to stalk you all in person! ;)

  7. Woo-hoo, thanks for the tag!
    I agree with Christina...that face! HOW can your gorgeous mug contort into that weird position? HAHA!

  8. I love this post, you literally have me in hysterics!! Not to mention I completely FREAKED OUT when I saw my name--thank you for tagging me--I feel so SPECIAL! I can't wait to do this:)

    PS: I heart Celine, too! I scored awesome seats in Vegas years ago & after a bottle of champagne I'm pretty sure I bought EVERY album in the gift store. I can spend a ridiculous amount of money in a record amount of time, too!!

  9. So I wouldn't have answers for like any of those!! I change favorites all the time, so I guess they aren't really favorites, but personal fads? Anyways...funny funny gal, I used to belt out celine...nothing wrong there!

  10. haha i love the face!! priceless!!

    my guilty pleasure is magazines!!! i buy soooooo many magazines its disgusting..my husband gets so pissed but i wont stop :) celine is pretty hot i agree

  11. ya...ur facial expressions are PRICELESS!!! oh, and is there any better way to be than sarcastic? this girl thinks NOT! ;)

    PS-so i kno i'm totally lame and late on this but YAY for being all owning that domain...and love the shoe!! :)

  12. I was referred by oat coutoure blog! LOVE that you love celine dion! ME TOO! We should be friends hah

  13. Fun Post! I'm realy loving the rainbow pic.

  14. Awesome answers! Love the concept of your blog!

  15. That milipede is a centipede and i am deathly afraid of them. I wrote an entire post about my fear of centipedes once. Good lord, now I am reliving the moment. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  16. YAY! I'm so excited to do this!

    What pisses me off: DRIVERS IN SAN FRANCISCO. It's like this is their first time EVER on the road. Good Lord, it's not that difficult! Not joking when I say that I start yelling every swear word in the book about 2 seconds after I get into the car, and then start attacking their personal character.

    PS- I LOVE Celine. Meet me in Vegas with your sparkliest heels and we'll go see her!!