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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wedding and Bachelorette Etiquette from Yours Truly.

This weekend was a crazy mash up of love. Friday night, I had a wedding, Saturday night, a bachelorette, and Sunday, a bridal shower. I am at the point in my life where weddings and babies are happening all the time, so celebrations are plenty, and I love it!!! Here is my list of do's and don'ts when it comes to weddings and bachelorettes.

DO: Look perfect on your wedding day, a la Tony and Tash.


DON'T: Marry someone three times your age, and DON'T do that weird lip thing with your mouth to try to look sexy. Am I the only one who doesn't think this looks good? Perching lips as if you are about to sneeze? It does NOT make your upper lip look bigger, and it does NOT make you look sexy.

You look like a douche.

DO: Showcase your true feelings about being in a wedding party.

Hahahahahahaha I sleep with him.
DON'T: Embarrass said wedding party member.

I apologize.
DO: Stand at the bar and look HOT.

What's your name?
DON'T: Try to be cool. Otherwise, this happens.

DO: Serve AMAZING food at your wedding.

DON'T #1: Scarf it down so fast that you take a photo from Google instead of the real thing.
DON'T #2: Pronounce "Gnocchi" incorrectly, especially when saying "that Gnocchi (knock-ee) was amazing!!!". I am a moron.

DO: Get a Starbucks on the way to a cottage bachelorette, and take a photo of it.

DON'T: Flash the people behind you.

DO: Drink wine in the lake.

DON'T: Drink from a pitcher at a classy restaurant.

DO: Practice yoga at the cottage.

Nice form.
DON'T: Jump off the dock and expect your strapless bathing suit to hold up.

I need to work on my vertical.
DO: Work out at the cottage.

DON'T: Lead a group run after drinking.

Pretty sure I fell up the stairs.
DO: Get dressed up in heels to be picked up by a bus in cottage country. Girl needs her club.

DON'T: Forget your flip flops to actually WALK to the bus in.

DO: Wear skirts and stop traffic if you have legs like these.

DON'T: Forget to get yourself a drink from this FULL PAGE drink menu. AMEN.

DO: Use your powers for good.

DON'T: Assume your leg power will keep this table from keeling over.

DO: Have a great time at your bachelorette, and make every man jealous that you're off the market.


DO: Hang up your dancing shoes in a creative manner.

DON'T: Forget your pants.

DO: Get your hair did.

DON'T: Do this. In general.

DO: Change into your ninja gear for your night shift.

DO: Not judge me.

1. Any wedding/bachelorette etiquette comments you want to add?

2. Tell me the best place to have a bachelorette party or wedding!


Jess said...

OMG this is hysterical. On sooo many levels. You are a riot.

DEM said...

This was awesome! The wedding and bachelorette both look like they were an A-mazing time!

hmm...I think any type of beachy scene is great for a wedding and a bachelorette - it doesnt matter, if its that good you make the party whereever you end up!

Amy said...

Definitely keeping all your tips in mind as I cobble together my sister's pre nuptial celebrations :)
Because she is quite young (21) we are going for a nice girls weekend spa trip instead of a bachelorette party. That being said, I'm sure at least one of us (ahem, me) might feel the need to dance on a table or two.
Any push ups on the dance floor this time? :)

Katy @ fitinheels said...

DEM- totally agreed. I could be on a streetcorner with my friends and make it a good time. Not that we belong on a streetcorner.. Just saying. And Amy_ wow! 21! Sounds like you have an awesome weekemd planned! I DID do push ups on BOTH dance floors.. Including with the bride in her dress!!!!! I need to get mt hands on the pics and will post asap!!

Jane said...

Just found your blog and seriously love it. Hilarious. My extra bachelorette "don't" is this. DON'T: get so drunk you puke multiple times if you aren't the bride.

runningonhungry.com said...

OMG you are hysterical. This post just MADE my Thursday. I seriously can't think of a darn thing to add because you've covered everything.

I'm a big fan of beach weddings, but really just a big fan of weddings in general. (Helloooo excuse to buy a new dress, heels and hit the open bar). Oh and celebrate love. My friends are JUST starting to get married so first Bachelorette party is upcoming in Vegas! I want to do mine in Napa - food, wine, spa treatments, shopping, HEAVEN.

Little Miss Runshine said...

hahaah how fun! I'm a new reader!

Love your photos! :)

Keri said...

Hahahaha love it! And thank you for your super sweet comment! Have I mentioned how much I love you :)

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

Bahahaha I love this! My add for a bachlerotte party is: don't be a Debbie downer and get embarrassed easily. Have fun with it and who cares what people think of you!

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