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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cottage, meet your match.

Who the hell works out when they take a leisurely weekend at the cottage?

I do.

I am one of those people who sincerely loves to exercise. (Eye roll, I know). But I know you people feel me. You fit bloggers are just like me- and I no longer need to sneak out for a workout when others are drinking beer on the dock! There's nothing like doing push ups in a bikini! Nothing like the excitement of finding a new trail on the cottage roads! And nothing like working hard, and playing hard, people! I know you feel me!

My fierce sis-in-law Blair and I went for a run the first day we got there- the lake was awaiting, and we dutifully went out for a 5km run on the country roads. It was exhilirating- barely a car in sight, surrounded by trees, seeing the gorgeous cottages and water surrounding you- I loved it. My legs felt a little bit like tree trunks but we pushed through anyway.

Now I remember why I wear makeup.
After the run, we dipped in the lake and make up some quick eats for an afternoon snack. Specifically, snacks that go with Cider.

The four food groups: cheese, fruit/veg, dips, and drinks.
After lunch we set up the TRX on the boathouse and took B through some exercises as it was her first time!

Not pictured: me getting back up.

Yeah B! Check out those abs!
After we went through a few more things (rows, planks, push ups), B found another suspension trainer that she liked better.

Tous chez.
Adam and Carter were feeling sluggish, since we had killed it with running and TRX. So they flexed us a little something.

The gun show.
Adam also showed off his push up skills.

A beer and a smoke, and a push. Hell yeah.

We crashed at 10pm (yes, 10pm) from a glorious day in the sun. The next day I went for a run that was a little further than the day before. Instead of turning back at the 2.5km mark, I decided to take Blair's advice and try out the killer hills. Now, I need to tell you that though I love exercising, I HATE hill training. Why? Because I'm terrible at it. My heart rate gets SO high that it feels like I may die within seconds. My legs feel like they weigh a zillion pounds and I end up putting my chest to my quads and gasping for air as my legs move what feels like one inch per minute. But with the stress of my new job lurking, I was feeling like a challenge.

It felt like death during, and like a dream afterwards. So much so, that I decided to do it again! I wore my bathing suit underneath my running gear so I could hop right into the lake afterwards! It was glorious! (And yes, I still moved an inch a minute, gasped for air, and probably was near death. But I digress.)

We enjoyed the rest of the day sunbathing, eating, and reading. You NEED to go get the latest Food & Drink from the LCBO- I was drooling just reading it.

Then, I came across this while grabbing a beverage.

How true.
Kenny took Blair and I on a boat ride, so I decided to bring my personal-sized, twist-top champagne with me.

Kenny's thinking, "What a classy girl with her bubbly."
B got in on the champagne. And yes, we are in lawn chairs and Mexican hats. On a boat.
Before we took off to come back home (WHY did I agree to work in the summer??? WHY???), my hunk of a chef whipped up some ah-MAYzing veggie burgers and some local Ontario asparagus.

What a man.

So.... what's everyone else having?
Alright, alright. I can't lie. The 3 hour drive home was a little much. So we stopped at a Canadian favourite, Tim Horton's, and got some Timbits. I was craving something sweet (big surprise), so was glad to have one.

Then, I had five.

It took everything I had to not eat five more.

In similar news, this week I discovered the most TO DIE FOR cereal that I've been eating as an afternoon snack with greek yogurt: Jordan's Morning Crisp with 70% Cocoa Chocolate Chips.

I have a problem.

Yes. Pieces of chocolate IN the cereal. I'm sure that this is good for me.

Okay, people. Am I alone? Does anyone else work out while on vacation? Help a sister out.
Often I go off the handle at cottages. Between the drinking and eating, I feel like I've gained 10 pounds by the end of the weekend. And... I actually have. Working out and bringing local fruits and vegetables helps in that matter!