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Monday, 11 July 2011

I needed a kick... and boy, I got it.

Girl needs a break sometimes!

After a crazy week last week, I decided to give myself the weekend off. I literally shut off from so many things and was just at home with myself, my husband, my decorating dreams... it was really nice.

My friends at Swiss Naturals sent me an AMAZING array of their products last week and I am very excited to add them to my fitness regime. It was their Solutions Energy product that I was excited (and in most need!) to try. As a non-coffee or tea drinker, I often look for a pick me up especially because of the career I am in. I was really excited to try this supplement because the ingredients are natural- including B12, Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, Folic Acid, and Guarana. Swiss's website also has some great information regarding who should take this supplement, and they also smartly detail what else you could do to increase your energy levels on a short-term or long-term basis! Some suggestions include sleeping 8 hours a night, participating in an exercise regime (which will also help you sleep restfully), ensure adequate water, and cut back on refined carbohydrates. I like that they don't try to sell their product as a "fix all" supplement- it is in addition to other things you can do in your life.

I especially needed this boost on Friday as my sister and I went to DNA Fitness where she got to try out the kickboxing class that I looooove! Aynsley put us through 5 rounds of skipping with one minute plank/narrow squat/crunches/wide squat in between. Then we moved on to punching bag work mixed in with skipping and jump squats for what seemed like forever. We moved into the third phase of the class which includes focus pad work with a partner.

Ya. My sister looks like this after 2 kids. What a bitch.
Now, normally you partner up with a stranger and you go pretty hard. It's not just the person punching or kicking that is doing the work, the person holding the focus pads is getting a killer shoulder/core workout too. But today was a different story. Partnering with Emily, my sister- this was another level.

At one point, Aynsley came over and said, "you two MUST know each other". When we responded that we were sisters, she said "OHHHHH. Well that makes sense!" We were kicking the crap out of each other. I have never worked so hard in that class, or any fitness class to be honest. I was able to really jab, cross, uppercut and kick with my sister on the other end of it- the girl is STRONG and I know (um... from past experience...) that she can handle a few punches. And, she knew the same.

She kicked my ass. Just like when we were teenagers.
This is how we felt afterwards. Even my nephew is feeling it. 

Swiss's Solutions Energy was great. I had energy to get through the class even though I was completely exhausted!

I gave myself a day off and made an Indian themed dinner complete whole wheat Naan bread (I added garlic and toasted it), chick peas, chicken, broccoli, and red curry.

The next night, we got pizza, chocolate, and treats. Tous chez.
Swiss Naturals has offered a giveaway to one of my blog readers! I will have details in the next post, but pass the word along!

1. Who is your dream kickboxing partner? It can be either someone you want to kick the crap out of (sorry, Em) or someone you think who would push you to the max.
It was great to work out with my sister. She pushed my harder than I ever could have, and it felt SO GOOD to let it all out! Otherwise, I'd die to kickbox with Jillian Michaels... or any of you :)


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Um can you please make that dinner for me asap?!?! I am obsessed with Indian food!

I'd be cool with kick boxing with Deano. He's really good at pushing me beyond what I think I am capable of. And so are you. I love you both equally anyway so either one of you would do :)

Caitlin said...

haha...gotta luv kicking the crap out of the people we love the most! that said, i'd prolly pick my bro as my sparring partner. i would make sure to OWN him...in my head i'm about a foot taller and weight 100 lbs more.

glad u enjoyed ur weekend and u CERTAINLY desereved that break! ummm, and bite me off a piece of that naan! :)

DEM said...

mmm...I always say I want to make indian and still have not! Great looking dinner!

I found kickboxing a couple months ago and I haven't been in the past couple weeks, but this just reminded me how much I loved the workout!! It really "kicks" your butt :)

Can't wait to see the giveaway - gosh knows I need some extra energy!!

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

I LOVE training with my coach, I know I can go hell for leather and he can take it, and then take some more! I normally end our 3 minute rounds holding onto the side of the ring, dying! When I partner with friends I tend to lose focus and not give it my all. That supplement looks good. I've just ordered some great looking multi vitamins so I can't wait for that extra boost!

runningonhungry.com said...

That dinner looks SO good, I love indian food and love naan even more! And um your sister is ripped. I don't even look like that pre-having ANY children! Can you both come train me please?

That supplement sounds awesome! I always need a little pickmeup before my workouts!!

Jessi Burke said...

Okay, Emily is so smokin hot!!! I've always thought she had a killer bod, but Christ, she's looking like Gisele. As are you!! I'm kind of glad I slept through kickboxing after this post, I'm not gonna lie. Sounds terrifying and way out of my league! I'll try a beginner's class sometime. Next time you make that Indian meal, tell Howard to make some damn room for Ed and I at the table!

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