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Friday, 8 July 2011

I'm so tired I can barely finish this sen.

First off, I tried a new software for comments on the last two posts. It seemed to be working (I was able to reply to your comments, which I really wanted!) but it seems to have deleted all the comments from my last post on working out at the cottage. And I have to say, my bloggies are the BEST- I knew you would feel me, my crazy workout peeps! I say we all get together at a cottage and have some serious "work hard, play hard" attitudes together!

This week has been awesome yet exhausting. I've been teaching at the university for the first time, educating teachers who are looking to get their Physical Education qualifications. Basically, I teach at an adult sports camp. It really is like summer camp- students come with their lunch bags, backpacks, and water bottles; they find their friends, they go to their camp leaders. They work hard, they have a snack, they leave happy and exhausted. I love camp!

This week I taught these amazing teachers the basics in beginner yoga, and how we can begin to incorporate yoga into our Phys Ed classrooms. My goal as an educator is to make physical activity a priority and an accessibility to all students! Yoga may not be for everyone, but it may reach one child who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity. I know that I was not exposed to self-awareness activities in high school and if I had, I probably would have tried yoga much earlier- and may have perhaps had a better understanding of myself as a teenager (and let's be honest... this is the time in our lives when we needed it the most!).

The first day was an intro to Sun Salutations and some modifications of the Sun Salute. Day two and three included basic yoga poses from four starting positions: Standing (including balancing postures), Kneeling, Lying down, and Belly down. I also showed them some fun beginner arm balances for their own practice!

Front crow- one thing people consistently forget is to LOOK FORWARD to the front part of your mat. If you look down, you will fall!

Side crow. I need to smile.

Christina is taking the course (you NEED to check out her blog! A shout out to the classes this week!) and it has been so fun to teach colleagues and friends, and I am lucky enough to teach something that I feel so passionately about, especially how yoga and creating success can truly make a difference in a student's life. These teachers WILL make a difference, and I'm just thrilled to be part of their path. Yesterday we did partner yoga! Christina and Jelena were partners and I've stolen photos from The Athletarian Goddess herself to show you some of the movements I introduced to the teachers yesterday:

Go Christina and Jelena!!!! I stole this from Christina and she wanted to point out the girl in her class who ran a 2:59 marathon. Are. You. Joking.

Hahahaha this is me in the blue. The 2nd girl from the bottom moved a bit from her original downward dog position to more of a plank- this is extremely difficult!!!
The best part of the course were the few pieces of feedback I received so far- saying how the progressions I spoke of were actually accessible and WILL create success in kids. It's always EXTREMELY intimidating to see a yoga class take place- these pretzel-like flexible people who seem to do superhuman tricks- but if you start from scratch and are shown how to properly (and safely) get in to some basic poses, yoga can truly be accessible to EVERYONE. From kids to grandparents to athletes to non-athletes. From runners to cyclists to hockey players to swimmers to linebackers to goalies- everyone can benefit!

Carter and I run an annual Couples Yoga Workshop that has run on Valentine's Day weekend at my gym. It's always popular and I think more people should do it to improve their communication, trust, and compassion towards each other!

By the end of yesterday, I had taught a total of 20 classes in 4 days. 17 yoga classes, 2 pump classes and a bootcamp. I was also able to run everyday on my break for 4-5km and yesterday we played 2 hours of beach volleyball. Full-time fitness instructors: HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Needless to say, I am EXHAUSTED.

Carter picked me up from the gym last night and you're damn right we went to a drive thru so I could get a treat: a McDonald's hot fudge sundae. With extra hot fudge.

I should have bought two.

I freaking deserve it.


1. Have you tried Partner Yoga before? Whaddaya think?
It totally ROCKS!

2. Fast food ice cream: Dairy Queen, or McDonald's?
McDonald's ice cream is the best. There's probably an entire cow in it. And I don't care.


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Eeeeeeeee I LOVE PARTNER YOGA!! It was SO much fun! Jelena loved it too :)

I'm not one to really go for fast food ice cream but I have tried McDonald's in the past and remember it being delicious. I loved the peanuts and hot fudge. I don't remember ever trying DQ ice cream. I am sheltered.

Alyssa said...

Partner yoga looks awesome! I've done yoga with my first graders and they love it, I think it's fantastic that you are encouraging PE teachers to bring it to their schools! I have to say McDonalds....my hubby and I live for McFlurries.

Kristine @ Running on Hungry said...

WOW that looks awesome! I can hold crow for about 2.5 seconds before my weak arms crumble. I LOVE Oreo McFlurries!

Caitlin said...

that looks like a freaking BLAST!! well, and the fact that two of the most kick @$$ chicks in all of canada are heading it makes it even better! or should i say re-dic?! ;)

that said, holy cow, i'd be wiped if i were u teaching that many flipping classes!! glad u could turn to the loving arms of McD's ice cream...but don't hate me becuz given the choice i'm gonna have to say i'd got with a DQ blizzard, either cookie dough or oreo. just saying, i gotta have me my mix-ins. ;) hope ur weekend is going awesome! :)

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