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Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Day Spent with Family... and Lulu.

My yoga class was cancelled the other night so I was able to go watch my nephew play soccer!!! This is very exciting for me, as I usually work full time during the day plus three nights a week and never get the time to see my family enough. I knew it was going to be a good day when I got there and this car was in the parking lot:

My kind of ride.
I got to the park and my parents said "DID YOU SEE THAT CAR IN THE PARKING LOT??!" They know me too well. I embarrassingly told them that I had seen it, and I had also taken a photo of it. They did, too. Hahahaha. Note to self: Get eyelashes for car.

The soccer game was so cute. I enjoyed watching the coaches and the refs (mostly teens) work with the kids and try to keep them from looking like a swarm of bees while playing. "Make sure you spread out!" "Look for the pass!" It was awesome.

Mom and Dad with the pep talk. "Our future is relying on you becoming the next Becks. Just saying."
So, I may be biased, but my nephew rocks. He scored 6 goals.

Sure, he may have knocked this girl over, but whatevs.
Soccer is soooo not my sport. I love all other forms, played hockey and lacrosse competitively. The foot thing just doesn't work for me. So, I took a photo instead.

My nephew looks in pain. My other nephew, above, looks like he's about to superman punch me. Aunt of the year.
The next day, my sister, Mom and I went shopping at Lulu Lemon. We are part of their research and development team, which means that we get 15% off purchases. Hells. To. The. Yes. I often mistake 15% for 50% because I often say "I should get this!" thinking it will be cheap.

Well, I did it again.

You've already heard about my love affair with the Astro Pant here. I went to the sale section and found a pair of Astro crops ON SALE!!!!!! YES!!!! This NEVER happens- my size, my favourite thing in the store- on sale. Plus 15% off.

Crop it like it's hot... Brill.

Can only wear the Astro Crops if you jump like this.
I love these pants/crops because of the waistband. I often find that workout clothes dig into me in very unflattering places (um, hello lovehandles). I don't think I'm fat by any means, but it doesn't help with the self esteem when you look like you've squeezed your handles into tights only to have them hang over the super tight waistband. And then I'm supposed to motivate others to work out. They look at me and notice my lovehandles bouncing up and down. Gross. The Astros cover this monstrosity so that others don't have to see. It really is a gift to everyone- you're welcome.

Because I had saved so much money, I decided to buy two skorts. My husband would be so proud of all the extra cash in our bank account.

Yes, these are my abs, too.
I bought this in black... and may wear it to the bar.
And I couldn't leave without buying a tank top. It would be just wrong otherwise.

I bought the Scoop Neck in baby blue. For my eyes. I'm hoping to pick up.

I really thought I was saving money because these tanks will do everything- including buying me dinner.

Awwww damn. You mean they won't?
I came home to see this in front of my house:

The roofers are here.

Our roof was leaking all winter and we couldn't do anything about it (um... because we live in Canada... in the winter). Spring was rainy so this had to be done in the summer. These guys are the HARDEST workers in the world. In fact, their boss told them today to take the day off- and they decided to work anyway. It's 45 degrees celsius here (113 F for my American friends). On a roof. Ri-dic.

Toronto Roofing Industries is where it's at. Not only because they work so hard, their logo looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs logo. Sold.

All in all, a family-friendly day with lots of money being saved.

1. What is your FAVOURITE piece of Lulu gear?
ASTRO anything. My students ask if I'm sponsored by them. I really should be. I'm extremely classy and would even wear the clothes to the bar. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

2. Do you have any old workout gear that you just can't part with?
I have a few t-shirts from my high school and university days. One of them has a big PERSONAL TRAINER on the back from my days at the university gym. I wore it to work once, and got made fun of endlessly. I felt sorry for myself. So I bought more Lulu.


Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

Confession-I kind of don't get the lulu love. I mean, they are HUGELY overpriced in my opinion. They last forever blah, blah. I can't pay $80 for workout pants. I would rather buy 4 pairs of regular pants! I also hate the squishy love handles that some elastic waist pants create...but then I just buy them bigger and not for $80!

I also almost never ever ever go regular places in exercise clothes. I just get dressed. You will not see me at the grocery store in my running gear. I also can't really exercise and then do something b/c I sweat and not a little.

*runs away*

Annika said...

Wooow... Somebody being pretty negative here... I like Lululemon a lot can't afford it either (plus I have to pay shipping to Germany) but that's okay with me. Your nephew rocks!

runningonhungry.com said...

My favorite piece of Lulu clothing would be wunderunders and cool racerbacks (do you know how much it took for me to narrow it down to just 1 top and 1 bottom?) My wallet guilt trips me so I buy them "on sale" and tell myself I got a deal. ;-)

If I could hug that store I would.

Your nephew is ADORABLE! And I will fully confess to wearing workout clothes to brunch, to run errands, etc after a workout. We SF-ers have no shame, and are huge on workout clothes after the workout on the weekends :)

Amy said...

Those pictures of your nephews are so cute!
I don't own any Lulu clothing I'm not sure that it's widely available here in Australia. But I do love my Lorna Jane workout gear which is about the same price. I know that it's a strain on the budget sometimes but running without having to hitch up my pants is priceless to me.
Also, I enjoy the non muffin qualities of good pants (unlike a girl I overheard the other day who said that she needed pants that were really low cut to be comfortable - uh, hello embarassing moment the first time you do squats!).

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

I have to admit, I looooove Lulu as much as you. I don't get to buy as much as I want, but the things I do buy...I love to death. My ta-ta tamer bra is AMAZINGGGGG.

Jess said...

OMG I am ever so IMPATIENTLY waiting for my astro crops and yoga pants BOTH on sale to arrive by mail from Lulu. I am DYING for them and can't believe both were on sale AND in my size. It was like the gods were watching over me for once, in lulu land. haha! PS. love the pics of the kiddos, they must think their auntie is the COOLEST! ;-)

Jess said...

PS how do you get to be part of their R&D team?? I want in!

DEM said...

I just bought the speed shorts and the run: swiftly racerback tank - LOVE them, like as soon as they are out of the wash, I wear them again...I also joined the R2D program and saved 15%, thinking I was saving a lot more money than I did :) woopsie!

I love the LULU stuff, just never splurge to buy any - this was a purchase my roomie convinced me to buy to "reward myself" after my last race :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I LOVE ALL OF YOUR NEW STUFF!!! I cannot choose one item that I love the most! I live in the racerbacks but I have a current obsession with their skirts! I also love the new Turbo tank I bought! Their new collection is out of control!

I can't part with my free race shirts. Even though they are ugly and some are old, I can't seem to give them up! I guess they remind me of all my accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

I have a few pairs of Lulus but there's one pair that I loooooove... I feel like I have a new ass every time I put them on. I don't even know what they're called because I've had them for so long. They're my 'fancy' workout pants (that's right, I said it). They're the ones that I feel and look the best in; they're the ones that I run errands in, get coffee in, grocery shop in, shop in, and do everything non-work related in (which doesn't make me sound too good...) Lulu's may be more of an investment initially but are so worth it.
As for an embarrassing item of workout gear... this may take the (chocolate) cake. When I was in grade 7 my aunt gave me her old Speedo sports bra. Kinda gross, I guess... but the thought of going bra shopping at that point in life was too traumatizing. So I'm over it, though my story doesn’t end there. I still wear this bra to the gym at least 1-2 times per week. Why? No idea. It hasn't been white in at least 10 years and I first started noticing the holes back in the late 90's. It looks like someone (perhaps my fiancĂ©...) even took scissors to it. But what I can I say? It keeps the ladies in place...!

Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

Just to clarify-I have nothing against running errands in workout clothes!! I just personally can't do it. I feel like I am in my pajamas. My mom was raised very Southern Baptist in a small town-so if you left the house, you left bathed, with your hair done, makeup on, in an outfit. My mom wasn't that strict, but she still does all that to go to the grocery store and kind of taught me that you have to get dressed and look nice if you leave the house. So it is just kind of outside of my comfort zone. Plus, I just look better in real clothes. No magical pants are going to make my thighs smaller or my ass less squishy. It is all about camoflauge. If these pants lifted my ass 2-3" I would have a dozen pairs. That's why I was saying I can kind of understand if you are going to wear your workoutpants a lot and as regular clothing. Since I don't, it really doesn't make sense for me. I would much rather invest in cute jeans!

Katy-I assume you know I wasn't trying to be 'negative' and was just talking. It is just one of those weird things I don't get their popularity. I have a lot of unpopular opinons! That said, I'm off to drink a shit ton of wine : ) I hope you are doing the same!

Caitlin said...

okay, cheering on younger members of my family at their sporting events is WAY too much fun and i sometimes might just kinda take it too far. lol. i'm a loud person and i sometimes don't realize just HOW far my voice carries. i'm not one of those crazy soccer mom types, but like to cheer happy cheers...still, as my younger sibs got older i've had to tone it way down so i don't embarrass them. so i need to find new six and seven year olds to cheer for. haha. and dang, six goals, ur nephew rocks!!

okay, i have the SAME issue with too tight clothes...i know i'm not fat but every now and again i'll catch myself in the mirror and be like, "wtf is that roll doing there?!!" that said, it looks like u scored BIG time with ur swank gear...ummm, now i just want to see pix of YOU in them so i can drool all over my computer....get on that, k?

and wat roofers do u guys have up there...my gosh, seriously these slackers down in the States need to start taking notes!

happyorhungry.com said...

hahaha, that car is awesome. At first I thought you photoshopped those eyelashes on there! I have never seen that before.

I LOVE Lulu's Astro pants! I love the waistline and how you can keep it pulled up or roll it down. Also, they're not quite as flared as the groove pants which means I can run in them no prob. Love love love!

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