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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Dance Off.

Thanks for your inspiring comments on my depressing post last time! I've decided to up my Ibuprofen intake (extra strength, baby!), take a week off from any exercise and nurse my knee like no tomorrow! Send your good vibes and positive energy my way, if you have some to spare!

Last night was our school's Athletic Banquet! Jessi mistook this for a lesbian convention, and I am having a hard time not disappointing her by disagreeing. How times have changed in female Phys Ed. These teachers rock killer dresses, heels, and love to party.

I went with trusty blue... fashion is worth knee pain.
The night was an amazing way to send off the kids after a successful year for our school, we took home multiple city sports titles, and it was a great night to recognize outstanding athletes. This year I coached the Cross-Country team, the Volleyball team, and the Track & Field team. It really made me think about my knee and how depressed I was feeling. There's something about giving your life to others that is often overlooked but very rewarding. I saw many students completely come in to their own in the one to four years I'd coached them, and it was extremely gratifying to see them in their glory. It helped remind me of the good that can come out of hard work, dedication, and passion... especially if it's for other people than yourself.

I, of course, love to dance... so a few kids came up to a fellow teacher and myself and started a dance battle. It's one team against the other. Well... it turned into a full on battle between teachers and students. We busted out such classics as the Running Man, the Roger Rabbit (kids had NO idea what this was... damn, I'm old), the Fish Hook, and good old push ups. A colleague of mine came in at JUST the right time (we were about to fail miserably) and busted out an amazing breakdance. The kids went WILD. We had screaming fans and our photos taken- we were celebrities! Again, how times have changed. I'd never be caught dead dancing with my teachers.

After the banquet we went to get a drink (AMEN... these events should really be licensed, for our sake) and this made me feel amazing about my choice to drink at midnight:

Now THIS is what I call a workout.
What a great way to end our athletic year. It really was worth it all! And as frustrating as an injury can be, it is nice to know that you can use your good to help others (basically my life is not over!).

1. How do you give back? 

Coaching is frustrating, thankless, and exhausting... but it allows me to connect to the kids on a different level, and something about seeing your students excel (or not!) is very gratifying to me.

2. Tell me your favourite workout!

I'll have to go with the one above... bicep curls with my martini.


Holly @ pink runner said...

I give back by teaching music to elementary students :) Favorite workout would definitely be running, but I am loving BODYPUMP!

Jessi Burke said...

I have to say, I'm proud of you for showing those kids at the lesbian convention who the dancing queen really is. And calling it an "Athletic Banquet" is not fooling anyone! For anyone reading this who does not know me, I do support Katy (Edna, as we call eachother) in all of her athletic glory, but as her bff, I am allowed to make fun of her endlessly. And making fun of sporty women is my way of coping with the painful memories of being an overweight, redheaded stepchild. Who now runs to feel better about my utter lack of athletic prowess, and occasionally calls her super athlete of a best friend a lesbian. By the way, those were her WEDDING shoes. That's how hot she is. Edna! Edna! Edna! Edna!

Caitlin said...

wait, there was a lesbian convention and i didn't get the memo?!! wtf?! juuust kidding, and loving that you put all those kiddies to shame, way to represent! oh man, the running man, good times, good times.

CONGRATS on doing such an amazing coaching job this year!! you really have touched so many lives, not only in winning the titles but things that these kids will take with them for the rest of their lives. as for the injury, i know it's bittersweet, but try to focus on the success that you've brought to others during your little hiatus.

that said, IB it up, ice baby, and take care! again, u'll heal up like the champ u are. i mean, u proved that on the dance floor already. ;) oh, fav exercise, do u have to ask? running baby!

Pye said...

I love your blogs Katy, they brighten my day! I give back by coaching Fastball and vball and running to raise money for leukemia research! favourite workout.... hmmmm not sure if it would be appropriate to post it for public viewing lol ;)

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