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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

TR to the freaking X.

Hello friends! So, in the last few posts (and tweets), you've heard me go on about my new love.

No, not cupcakes.

No, not wine.

No, not Bieber.

No, not Swiss Chalet.

No, not Gudrun.

No, not shoes.
Alright, damn. I have a lot of loves. But unlike chocolate, alcohol, and underage children, my next love is actually good for me: The TRX Trainer!

I bought this for myself Carter for his birthday, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to use it for Carter to enjoy it. If you've never heard of it, TRX is a Suspension- Training workout that can work everything from speed, power, flexibility, mobility, and core training. It is two words: RI-DIC.

Since injuring my knee almost two weeks ago, I've been really missing my regular high-impact cardio training and endurance weight lifting. I've even had to decrease my yoga practice, especially for some of the standing and balancing poses.

When we got the TRX, I literally was shrieking to use it! While I can't do some of the lower body exercises, I still feel the whole body workout and swear, I'm feeling muscles I didn't even know existed.

We hooked it up to a soccer net at a park behind our house, and did a circuit of suspended push ups, alternating T-rows, Mountain climbers, suspended feet planks, rows, Y-lat pulls, and suspended arm planks.

Push Ups

Alternating T-Row
Mountain Climber with push up

Variation mountain climber

Y-Lat Rows

Rows... the smile is fake

This is how we felt afterwards:

Hahahahahaha. What a good sport.

I seriously recommend that you TRY THIS! It really works on your strength but uses your own body weight, so there is no impact on your joints. Again: Ri-dic.

I couldn't raise my arms over my head the next day, but have used it every day since we got it! O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.

1. Any new workout you are interested in trying?

I'm still dying to paddleboard.

2. Tell me the last time you woke up feeling the "good sore"- the feeling that your muscles worked hard but you are thrilled that you got through it.

TRX! TRX! T to the R to the X, yo!

3. Please follow me. That is all.


Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

My bootcamp uses TRX all the time, though only the upper body stuff. I'm always like "Hey! these are easy!" and then the trainer tells me to move my feet closer to the base. Um, no thanks! I'm good like this! The push ups scare me b/c I'm sure I'm just going to hit the ground face first. Your arms/shoulders look amazing, btw!!

(this is Carrie_RD from twitter, just in case it wasn't clear)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Hahaha omg Carter...he is making me die with these pictures from the last two posts. The life of a blogger's husband!

You have to try paddleboarding. SO FUN! You will probably be a lot better at it than me. Your arms = jacked. My arms = noodles.

I woke up super sore this morning. I had an insane glute and leg workout yesterday at the gym. I had never sweat so much doing weights. My body was literally DRIPPING. My butt and thighs are throbbing a little but it feels oh so good!

ATTrio said...

I have never heard of this before but I am totally in to trying new things! I do all at home workout videos and run outside. So really the last time I go a good sore muscle workout was last week with P90X which I am totally sick of so this sounds pretty good.


Caitlin said...

awww that hubs of urs in one good sport! dang, i need to get my lame butt onboard the TRX wagon. thanks for sharing and i'm sure we'll be hearing more about your new love affair, i hope carter doesn't get too jealous if he wakes up in the middle of the night to find you spooning with mr. TRX. ;)

but in seriousness, wat i also like is that it's super portable and can replace certain weight machines/exercises that you'd need a gym for. also pumped that u can do it and not aggravate the injury! and let's not lie, who the heck doesn't like being suspended?

fitness trend i'm dying to try...um duh, pole dancing. jk on that but i too want to get some paddlebaord action!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning good-sore from yesterday's TRX session! I did a pyramid workout and when I reached the top (for some reason) I thought I had to re-do the atomic push up... and I thought I was going to cry. After 10 of those puppies I may or may not have been seen quivering and moaning softly, flat on my face. I was almost giddy when I realized pyramids only have one peak and it literally was all downhill from there.
I had no idea you could buy the kit for yourself!!! I may have to look into that. Nothing like scaring the local children in the park on a nice sunny day...

Cait's Plate said...

Being so sore you can't live your arms the next day is the BEST feeling. Let's you know you really got a good workout in!

This kit looks awesome - I've actually never heard of it but I'm already on Amazon looking it up :)

Jessi Burke said...

You are so f-ing cool. That is all.

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