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Thursday, 23 June 2011

A New Challenge, Workout, Workout, Indulge.

It's officially summertime, b*tches!!!! Mother Nature greeted us in Canada with pocket thunderstorms to welcome the first official day of summer. How lovely of her.

Speaking of official, I just got word yesterday that I will be an Additional Qualification Instructor for OISE Phys-Ed this summer!!!!!! Basically, once teachers have their Bachelor of Education, they can upgrade their current Health & Phys Ed qualifications to a Specialist (what Carter and I have previously done), or they can get their basic Health & Phys Ed qualifications.

Christina is taking the course this summer, though I'm pretty sure The Athletarian should be the one running the program! Christina is a fellow teacher and blogger, and has the cutest and funniest blog ever. She really helped me start my own blog up, and I have her to thank for posting most of my comments! She is much more inspiring than I am (take for example, the fact that she doesn't drink alcohol... Girl has willpower), she runs a killer 1:44 half marathon (I'm not worthy!), she has amazing clothes (I stare... I'm not ashamed) and yeah... she is GORGE. So make sure to check out her latest blog update here.

Christina and I at FRESH- an awesome vegetarian restaurant she introduced me to! And yes... we ate the whole thing. And then had dessert. Girl influences me.
I'm so excited to teach my fellow teachers, but I'm also scared to death. Teachers, famously, are the WORST students. We talk through presentations, we're late, we text and bbm, we don't take notes. This does actually really bother me, though I can't say I'm innocent all the time. Most teachers are used to being "on"- they are the show for the day- and it's hard to be a student. I'm hoping that I can reach many of the teachers that will come through my classes- I will be teaching things like yoga, pilates, step, spinning, skipping, med balls, equalizers, etc. Basically just opening their eyes to lots of options and perhaps something different to bring into their classrooms.

Today I did a full day CPR/AED re-cert, which was great. It's surprising how much you forget in a short period of time. I had a student pass out on a run this year and the ambulance needed to be called. It was a great refresher course and definitely made me feel more confident in case of an accident.

After the course I went to teach my regular Pump and Bootcamp classes at System Fitness in the Beach. I've been busy with end of year functions (Athletic Banquet, Coaches AGM, NKOTBSB... yes, this is important) that I've had to find coverage for my classes a lot in the month of June. It was so great to be back and the feeling of people excited to see you really makes the job that much better.

Pump class was PACKED and we rocked out to some serious beats. When I say beats, I mean mainstream pop. I love you, Lady Gaga.

Bootcamp was packed too- System has a small studio space and we really take advantage of it. I generally bring some of my own equipment to this class- it is awesome to teach and the people who show up LOVE to get their butts kicked.

Not bad for a home gym- I bring the Equalizers, Kettlebells, Agility Web, skipping ropes, pylons, and gatorade cups to the gym, and do a makeshift ladder using electrical tape. Works wonders!
We did a round of interval training at the beginning of class that consisted of  We moved into a circuit that was set up around the studio with the basis that each station is 1 minute. Equalizer knee ups, Mountain Climber push ups, Skipping, Oblique Twists, Ladder Jacks, Step Ups, Hop Over Squats, X Jumps, Backwards Push Ups, Kettlebell Swings, and Heavy Bag Front Kicks.

Repeat: Interval training (100 jacks, 100 skips, 50 back lunges, 25 push ups, and 1 minute plank)
Repeat: Circuit (above)
Repeat: Interval training

Then we ended with 20 partner leg push downs (aaaaaaaabbbbbbbsssssss, baby!)

WOOOOO! I felt so jacked up that I rewarded myself with a People Style Watch magazine,

Oh thank God! Strappy heels!

a new blush (I'm obsessed),

and a Vitamin Water 10 from my favourite store: Shopper's Drug Mart.

Oh, right. I haven't showered yet. You're welcome.

What a great indulgence!

...Alright, fine. I also had a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios. Stop interrogating me!!!

1. What non-food related indulgence do you allow yourself?

I love magazines and I often try to reward myself with one instead of food like chocolate or candy. Problem is, I've started getting subscriptions to most of them... :) Oh... and I kinda have a thing for heels, in case you didn't notice.

2. What kinds of yoga poses do you think I should include in my teacher training?


Amy said...

i have a serious problem with magazines! i just picked up that same mag and the new instyle. i NEED to get subscriptions so bad but we move way too often hah...so i guess ill just have to keep buyin them!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Thanks for the shout out BEST FRIEND! I am obsessed with you and chocolate Cheerios and I cannot wait to see you every single day next month!

Maybe after class you can kick my trash with your awesome workouts!!

I am obsessed with Oxygen magazine (I pretty much just buy it to state at Jamie Eason and her hot body). I also love anything Nike. I cannot resist so I buy something every time I'm in there, even if it's just a pair of socks.

Yoga poses - maybe help me touch my toes first and then we can talk. But seriously, I would love to be able to do a bridge without feeling like my neck is going to snap.

Amy said...

Definitely addicted to magazines and books as my non food related indulgences, however this usually backfires as I end up buying food magazines or cook books! It's a vicious cycle really :)
Ah yoga, how I love thee yet hate that there are never any classes on near where I live. One day I will live close enough to a yoga studio (there are none in my neighbourhood) to actually become a regular.
I hope you and Christina have an awesome time!!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Katy I love your blog! I am new to Fit in Heels but have now become addicted. I am friends with Christina from OISE where I did my B.Ed for Intermediate/Senior in Phys.Ed and Bio.

It seems that we share very similar paths! Goodluck teaching the AQ. What is worse that teaching teacher is teaching Phys.Ed teachers... You can never have them just sitting there. We are always needing to move around and play. I had the most exceptional Phys.Ed teacher at OISE. She was my inspiration.

I look forward to readying your blog.

*sorry I deleted my last post because there was a typo. (bad teacher!)

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Magazines are definitely a treat for me here as they are like 8 euro a pop! Daylight robbery I tell ya! :/ Oh and I have an addiction to buying books off amazon... I think it's the one click thing! :)

Quinton J said...

Just an FYI on Christina…
Word on the streets of TO is that she’s not a vegetarian because she loves animals…oh no..she’s a vegetarian because she HATES plants.

Katy @ Fit In Heels said...

HAHAHAHAHA Quinton- you are brilliant. I knew it.

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