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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Whip It.

Just a regular girls' night out.

It was Mel's birthday, and we decided to take her to a magical place- every girl's dream birthday spot. (Premise: we always go all out when it comes to our friend's birthdays. Every birthday feels like a bachelorette party- full of food, drinks, and a rip roaring hilarious good time with the best women I know. Case in point: for my friend Amanda's birthday, we went up north for the weekend and created our own celebrity murder mystery. Yes, created our own. Some birthdays have included heated obstacle courses, games of pictionary, potato sack races, and Barbie cakes. Yes, we are in our late twenties/early thirties.)

Back to Mel's birthday. We spared no expense and took our girl to.....

...The Roller Derby!

Where girls kick the crap out of each other.

Where heels aren't welcome (but we wore them anyway).

Where... bachelorette parties happen...?
Blurry pic, but this chick was decked out in a white dress!

Where turbos are the way to go (Coors Light + Smirnoff Ice = Turbo).

Where, this awesome derby chick, wears shorts made completely out of ShamWows.

Guess her derby name! Guess her derby name!!! It's SLAMWOW!!! YES!!!

Thanks the popularity of the movie Whip It for making girls everywhere want to lace up the rollerskates and wear hot, sexy outfits. The front of the program states that the Roller Derby is for "Real Women. Real Hits. Real Heart."

It did not disappoint.

As an athlete myself, I watched, in awe, as these girls did their thang. They take it seriously (the place was sold out!), they have die hard fans, and they give'er. HARD. I am one of those annoying girls who likes to know the rules of the sport. I also have a hard time not picturing myself playing the sport, how I'd react, and usually my facial expression turns to complete rage and anger. So much that my friend Andra asked me what was wrong with me. I have supportive friends.
I think I could start a trend- rollerskates with heels.

So the game wasn't as close as we'd have liked, but we had an absolute BLAST. All the girls have hilarious/dirty/sexy names (besides SlamWow- think "Dolly Parts 'Em", "Wheely Nasty" and "Sinead O'Clobber") and love what they do.

Work it, girl!
Katie and I bonded over our shared name.. then she realized she wasn't Katie, but in fact Kat Attack. I need a cool name.

SlamWow's mom (known as SlamMom.. hilarious) was sitting behind us and tapped Mel on the shoulder, asking her, "Are you ladies props?" to which we died laughing. How adorable! "Well, you are in the front row, and it looks like you were paid to be here!" I guess we were a little overdressed for the occasion.

SlamMom.. proud momma of SlamWow.. and our new best friend.

We may be overdressed... but don't #$@! with us. Or we'll send SlamMom after you. 
A huge shout out to my ladies, and the ladies of the Toronto Roller Derby. What we thought would be a silly competition turned out to be a legitimately amazing time full of strong, athletic, inspiring women. 

Mom... I wanna join the derby. 
1. What is your favourite sport to watch either live or on TV? (It's okay if you put "Millionaire Matchmaker" as a response)

I love watching NFL football, women's tennis, and hockey- and I love going to see live lacrosse games. 

2. Using your first name as a guide, give yourself your own Roller Derby name!!! 

Since Kat Attack was taken, I could go with MastersKate. (Say it out loud). I apologize. 


Kristine - Running On Hungry said...

Umm AMAZING! I wish my friends got that creative! I love watching college basketball and the NBA on TV and baseball in person. I also consider Awards Season to be the Superbowl of Celebrity Fashion :) Does that count?

PS - Wedges. Must. have. Where did you get them?!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

BASKETBALLLLLL! It's all Dean's fault. It's probably the only sport I will watch. And maybe sometimes MMA...only because I am in shock at how gross it is every time.

Roller Derby name...hmmm...maybe Skatestina?

Nicole said...

I am SO jealous right now! I would LOVE to go to a rollerderby!!
We don't have cable (or anything for that matter) - so the only sports we watch are live.. And not to sound cliche, but I LOVE watching bodybuilding competitions, seriously, the posing is way hard (I try sometimes) and the routines are fun =)
My derby name?
Hmmm.. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Anonymous said...

As a totally anonymous lurker I have to say : MastersKate. Hahahahahaha that's awesome. Picking a derby name is HARD!

Derby is my fav sport to watch. Actually, the only one I'll watch. Because it's fabulous and awesome.

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