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Friday, 17 June 2011

Knockout Series #1: Carrots vs. Carats.

Yesterday I hit up a wicked kickboxing class. We started off doing timed intervals of skipping and crunches, then went into a circuit of fist pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, backward pushups (like downward dog into plank), and lots of kicking and punching on the punching bag and the focus pads. Ah-maze. It was SO up my alley- the instructor even played "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J. Hells yes.

Keeping with the kicking ass theme, I've decided to write a weekly Knockout Series- putting two things head to head and calling a winner by the end of the post. My friend Jess gave me a great idea to write about for the first one- Carrots versus Carats.

Jess is the ultimate woman- smart, hilarious, fashionable, and pun-derful. She is an accomplished and highly sought-after interior decorator, is part of a wine club (where they get together and taste/discuss new wines... where do I sign up?), and has cheekbones to die for.

The ultimate woman.
Jess is the FUNNIEST woman alive- and she really needs to start her own blog. She is also recently engaged and, well, I need her to create a blog so I can get updates on her new engagement ring. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! (For my sake, at least).

So on to the topic: As a woman who lives for fitness and fashion (but kills for a good bargain), I love me a good and healthy snack, and I love me a beautiful piece of jewelry.

So here we go: Knockout Series #1: Carrots vs. Carats.

Carrots are versatile- they can go in salads, stirfrys, or veggie platters.

Carats are also versatile- you can wear them in your hair, ears, on your neck, wrist, or hand. They go with... well... everything.

I feel you, Mar.

Carrots are portable- you can add dips, salad dressings, or hummus to spice them up.

Carats, on the other hand, can spice up your every day without any topping.

My answer when Carter proposed: "AAAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEEHHHHHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!" I've actually still not said yes.
Carrots can be friendly.

Carats make friends easily.

Carrots come in a nice package.

Carats come in a nicer package.

Carrots are good for you. They contain vitamins and nutrients essential to our health.

Carats are good for you. They contain sparkle and glimmer essential to our health.

Receiving a Birk's diamond necklace delivered on my wedding day. Carter must have known I was low in essential nutrients.
Approximately 20 Carrots.

And... um... approximately 20 Carats.

Damn you, Kim Kardashian.
Sorry carrots, while you are delicious, crunchy, healthy, and versatile... you can't come in between a chick and her diamonds. So go eff yourself while I enjoy my Friday night and drink my martini.

Give me your thoughts: Carrots vs. Carrots... what's your pick?

Any suggestions for the Knockout Series- leave 'em here!


Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Cool blog! So glad you found me so that I could find you?! ha! Thanks for the lovely comment and yup the tats are real! fyi don't ever get one done on your ribs... hurts like hell! :) Have a fab weekend!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, carats win hands down!
I love the carrot ring in the first picture, so cute!

Caitlin said...

hahaha...oh my gawd girl u crack me up!! gotta say i'm gonna have to agree with u on ALL counts. ;)

tell ur bud she NEEDS to get a blog...it's an order. lol. hope u're living it up this fine fri night!:)

Samantha Hope said...

Katy your blog cracks me up and is totally inspiring! Love it!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I like both carrots and carats! I can only afford carrots right now so they will have to do but if I had the choice, I think we all know which I would prefer... :)

Briana said...

I'd take the carrots. Sorry... I'm not a diamond girl!

That workout sounds KILLER! And add LL to the mix? Kick-ass.

Nicole said...

Hmmm... Carats fo sho!
Carrots are for rabbits ;-)

You're too funny girl! I hope you're having a fabulous Monday!

Jessi Burke said...

I pick Jess!! I mean- carats! And Jess' cheekbones! What a woman! I can't say carrots, as I've hated them since I was a child, when my mother claims I would threaten to vomit them up, and then do soon purpose- and selectively (swallow carrots and mashed potatoes, only throw up carrots)! Quite the talented little bugger. Another outstanding post, Edna! Hahahaha is there no end to your genius??? Also- I want to pay you to create a leg workout for me that I can do in addition to my running! Yeehawwww!!! Can you make it easy, not painful, and something I can do lying down eating ice cream? Thanks.

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