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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Food, Food, Food, Wine, Birthday Cake.

Do you have someone in your life that you truly get more excited for their birthday than your own? My family is like this. We get SO excited for birthdays, Christmas, Easter... it is actually insane. It was Carter (my hubby)'s birthday this weekend, and I'd been giddy for weeks leading up to his big day!

I love birthdays. For the cake.

I started celebrating by surprising him at his work with some Treatzza Pizzas for him and his staff. Carter is a teacher too, and when I walked in to his office it was so awesome to see all of his staff hanging out together, everyone getting along. There were a few developmentally delayed students that eat lunch with the Phys Ed staff every day in the office there too. I love seeing those kids with Carter. He is so good at his job and makes such a difference in kids' lives. I always think my husband is a superstar, but sometimes I truly think he is too good to be true!

The next day, we went on a surprise trip downtown Toronto.
How fitting- you can see Carter's extensive golf collection. His real wife.
I parked far away from the restaurant, so naturally Carter thought I had no idea where I was going (he thinks I can't tell North from South... meanwhile, when I go out with my girlfriends, they trust me with directions. Go figure.). We went to Terroni- an amaaaaaazing Italian restaurant. The portion sizes are plain Ri-dic, and they have over 200 bottles of wine to choose from.

Yes please.

We started with grilled calamari (I don't even love calamari but this was amazing) served with bruschetta-style tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, followed by fresh bread and authentic olive oil, before EACH having an entire pizza. I got a white pizza with honey, blue cheese, walnuts, and pears (okay, okay... I got a salad too)!

Food + Beer = Happy Man.

I ate my leftovers at midnight.
After dinner we had gelato with chocolate sauce topped with an espresso shot- Carter dug in too fast for me to get a picture! I'll let it slide, I guess :)

On to surprise #2: tickets to Sam Roberts- an amazing Canadian band who was playing nearby (close to my original parking spot!) at Massey Hall! What luck- finding an amazing concert on his actual birthday... it was perfection.

The next day we had family over to celebrate! We had a colourful spread of amazing food, and Carter was spoiled by his family and mine (pretty sure they like him more than me... I'm just saying).

Beer, wine, champagne... 3 of the 4 food groups.

My new recipe of the day: watermelon-mint-ice water!

This makes my heart melt. Carter, his dad, and our nephews :) :) :)

Notice my cake lifter: that's right. It's a high heel.

After dinner was PRESENTS!!!

A bucket full of specialty chips. Life is good.


I bought myself Carter a TRX Trainer (I'd been DYING!!!!!) and he was SO pumped!!!!! The TRX Trainer is an amazing suspension-training workout that you can use many places- the gym, school, nearby park, beach, anywhere that can support your body weight. We were so excited we went and tried it out after everyone left at the park behind our house! Next post: TRX training :)

1. What was your ultimate favourite birthday gift?

I remember my Mom and Dad got me tickets to NKOTB when I was in grade four. I was so shy but I screamed bloody murder when I opened it! I also got equally excited when I opened a Toblerone bar.

2. Do you like to receive gifts or give them?

I can't decide. I LOVE getting the perfect gift and buy gifts all year round for people. But of course, being spoiled is allowed :)


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I can't think of a Birthday gift but I have a good Christmas story for you. Dean and I decided to get creative one year instead of buying gifts. I made him a huge legit stocking and filled it with all his favourite things. He went downtown and paid a homeless man wearing a Santa hat to say "Merry Christmas Christina and have a Happy New Year"...and videotaped it. I died.

cleaneatingchelsey.com said...

I haven't had a treatza pizza for YEEEARSS - like I don't think I've had one since I was 10. But Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are the absolute best.

Caitlin said...

dang girl u pulled out all the stops! that's SOO awesome and i'm like you and get more excited i think about planning fun nights/gifts for the people i love.
ummm, and that pizza you had seriously looked freaking delish! as did the rest of the spread, and love the cake lifter!
one of the most random gifts i got that seriously sticks out in my mind because i was SOOO excited was when i was about 5, my parents got me this peewee herman doll that when u pulled a string he said his little catch phrases. i seriously took that thing with me EVERYWHERE for over a year.

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