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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bad Teacher and Workout BFF!

I'm in exams right now, and it is glorious. We don't need to "clock in" to the school if we aren't presiding exams, so it works out that I've had some days where I can sit in my backyard with a drink in hand and do my marks (the marks usually get better as I've had more to drink). Just joking- I just give everyone B's.

Speaking of bad teaching, I am SO excited to see Bad Teacher- it comes out this Friday. Hells. Yes.

My idol.
With my exam schedule, I was able to go to a few kickboxing classes at DNA Fitness in the mornings this week. I got to workout with all the mommies, and it was amazing! DNA has a great set up where you can bring your kids and have them play in a designated kids area while you work out literally next to them. So you get to work out, your kids get to play, and you don't have to pay for daycare. I really think that is so smart- more money to hit up Starbucks after class!!!

Another exciting part of my week: being able to work out with my BFF.

This is Edna.

My Edna.

Okay, her real name is Jessi, but we call each other Edna. We believe we were Golden Girls in a previous life and have dreams of living in retirement together, eating Swiss Chalet and eating bon-bons while watching soaps. I can't imagine my life without my Edna, and the girl can RUN (for a woman of 85).

Oh, right. I married Carter that day.

We hit up the boardwalk for our "Peanut" run- by the time you finish the boardwalk your route resembles a peanut- and I think we did about 7-8km.

Alright, this was taken in the fall. But you get my point.
I love you, boardwalk! <3
 Usually we do a 10-and-1 (Running Room Style) run, where you run for 10 minutes and walk for 1. I started doing this to achieve longer distances without knee pain and to prevent injuries. I find it extremely effective not only for distance running, but for goal setting. You always know that you get a break in 10 minutes- so you can tell yourself "3 minutes to go", etc. I find that if I go into a run/race without a plan or goal, I don't do as well as when I have small set goals for myself.

Jessi pushed me through the run (I was exhausted from kickboxing!) and after stretching we decided to make lunch. We LOVE mexican food so made chicken wraps including fresh chicken, black beans (I mash these up with garlic, lime juice, and jalapeno peppers), homemade guacamole (1 avocado, 2 tbsp cumin, fresh lime juice, 1 garlic clove), fresh salsa, cheese, and lettuce!

Hells yes.

My Edna brought over some local summertime strawberries for dessert and I'm pretty sure I ate half of the quart before she even washed them. I'm not ashamed.

Thank you, Edna, for a wonderful RUNch date (I just made that up. I apologize). You kicked my ass so much that my dentures nearly fell out!

My Golden Girl.

1. Do you prefer working out alone or with a partner/group?

I die for group training. I love the competitiveness of it (when it's strangers), and the chance to have a visit (when it's your friends). I am creepy in classes, though. I want to make friends with people who have similar interests as me and I'm pretty sure I come across as a total creep. It doesn't stop me.

2. What foods are in season close to you right now? What can't you wait for? 

Ontario strawberries (woo hoo!!!!!!!!) and asparagus are in season, and I am in LOVE. Jessi and I talked about how excited we are for Ontario peaches to come into season- and how we can incorporate them into every meal!


Kristine @ Running on Hungry said...

I cannot WAIT to see Bad Teacher!

I prefer to do some workouts (intervals, elliptical) alone and then the rest with friends - pilates, yoga, etc

Strawberries and Blueberries are AMAZING right now!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I wanna see Bad Teacher sooo badly! It looks awesome. Glad you got to enjoy your days off! Oh, & strawberries make delicious dessert.

xo katie elizabeth

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Ahh lovely post! Although it made me miss my girlfriends! :( Oh and I prefer to workout in the gym alone but run with someone else. Enjoy your days off! :)

beans said...

i NEED those shoes in the movie poster! NEED them!

Nicole said...

RUNch? Too cute!
You & your Edna are too cute too!
Ughh.. I miss my one and only gf :(
And as for the cheat day question? I just did a post on that! I still give myself cheat days every Sunday - up until 8 or 6 weeks from show day (depending on my progress).
Have an awesome day, Bad Teacher! ;)

Pye said...

what!? you dont have to go to work if you don't have exams to supervise? i am jealous! I had reports done as of friday and i showed up to work at 10:30 am yesterday (because i felt i deserved a sleep in since i had worked so hard to get my reports done early) and people looked at me like I had punched a baby!

I LOVE working out with other people, especially when running, it keeps me motivated! and i love me some home grown strawberries as well!

Briana said...

What a fun RUNch date (you should copyright that shizzz). If I'm going for a run, I prefer to go by myself. If I'm hiking/biking/doing a class? I'd like a friend, please!

Dude. The in-season stuff right now is insane. I hit up the farmer's market this afternoon and looted that place! All good stuff. I love this time o' year!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Running - alone or with Deano. Love the group spin though!!

FRUIT is all I want in the summer time. Let's just say fro-yo is in season and schedule a date asap. Please and thanks.

Bailey said...

hahaha Katy!! I love you. You are not creepy in classes you are inspirational (when teaching at least). Maybe if we ever get to take a class together I'll get to see this creepy side ;)

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