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Monday, 20 June 2011

W.O.W.- Weekend of Workouts!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful and amazing Dads out there! I hope you all got to enjoy yours with your family.

My weekend felt like a marathon- even though I've never run a marathon- but from what I hear, it's exhausting physically and mentally, but people love it. I also hear it comes with tons of food and booze.

Friday night we went to a bar called Prohibition in Leslieville for Carter's friend's birthday. Slooty used to live with us, so he's like a brother to me. He's also an amazing DJ- who plays everything from old school rap to Miley Cyrus. (Okay- I can't throw Slooty under the bus here. I request really embarrassing songs when he is DJing, and he reluctantly plays them for me. He is a good man.)

Party in the U.S.A.!!!!!!!

We had dinner with a beautiful couple who are getting married in 4 weeks- Tony & Tash- and I'm sure I'll dedicate an entire blog entry to their wedding (because I'm so excited for it, Tash and I have very similar taste and I am thrilled to share their day with them!). I think Prohibition is the coolest name for a bar- and we had SUCH an amazing time (girls- we HAVE to go dancing!). 

I should hate Tash, for being able to eat Poutine 4 weeks before her wedding. But I just can't. She's too adorable.

Before gorging on veggie quesadillas and wine...

Oh, right... and a martini, too...
I did an interval workout consisting of 5 minutes of skipping, 20 Equalizer chin-ups (10 overhand and 10 underhand), 50 med ball oblique twists, and 10 push-ups. I did this 4 times and I was DONE! Doesn't it always feel better to get a great workout in before going out for the night?

At the bar, of course, I basically did another workout: Dancing to DJ Tools. He was ripping it up! It was epic! (I apologize and will never use that term again).

Saturday morning I was so excited to try my TRX Bootcamp class run through MSC Fitness (the same place that my dream woman, Gudrun teaches... more on her later). Charlene kicked my ass through this hour-long workout- we started slow and got the form down for things like Squats, Speed Skater Lunges, Push-Ups, Y-Flys, Planks, Mountain Climbers, Tricep Push-Ups with Pike, we even did some High Lunge and Warrior I holds with our foot suspended. I thought that was freaking hard.

Alright... this wasn't at the Bootcamp class. But we did these.

Then, we did most of the moves again, this time for time- so it was more of a cardio workout. I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth about 5 times. It was a HOT day, so the combination of the heat plus the feeling that my heart was going to burst through my chest (I was also trying to impress the instructor... let's be honest) made me feel a little faint, but I got through it.

As I was leaving, Charlene yelled "Awesome job! I'm so impressed that next week I'm adding kettlebells!".


Saturday afternoon I went to my girlfriend Katherine's Jack and Jill!


Katherine and Greg are getting married in a month, and they have the COOLEST backyard ever. It is perfect for entertaining- has a place for a bar (the most important part, natch), a gorgeous pit for sitting, and... a BEACH VOLLEYBALL court! Yes- this is one backyard! We set up a tournament and Carter and I played 2's against some very drunk stiff competition. I seriously could play beach all day. Now if only I had abs like Gabrielle Reece..

Getting a little Yoga in.
Sunday was Father's Day and we had a full day jam packed for both my Dad and Carter's Dad. We met Carter's Dad in the Beach for an early morning 6km run along the gorgeous boardwalk. I am so happy to live where I live- the boardwalk is a dream to live near, and I take advantage of it as much as I can. Who doesn't love running next to the water?

At 10am, my girl Gudrun held her weekly Yoga on the Beach, which was heavenly (for two reasons: #1- True hot yoga, right by the water, listening to the waves and #2- Gudrun.). There was a Father's Day 5km run that was passing by as we were downward dogging. It was so amazing to see that many runners out with their families. I had to turn my attention back to Gudrun because I was getting distracted. Try watching people run upside-down. It looks effortless! (Yes- I will be taking a photo next week from my downward dog position).


We met my Dad at the Bier Markt- a pub that hosts over 200 kinds of beer- and I got to be with my amazing family. It was a beer-filled day: first, Bier Markt:

I know, I look like a dork.
Too bad the serving sizes were small.

I already had two pieces.

then beer for part of his gift:

Love you Dad!

then to the Steam Whistle for a beer tour (and lots of sampling)!

Apparently Carter needs more beer.

We were lucky enough to be able to walk over to Carter's sister's house where we continued our celebrations with more beer, great food and company.

So- a weekend of workouts, amazing friends, family, and most importantly my Dad- the man that I have certainly acquired my sense of humour from (much to my students' dismay). I am so lucky to have him in my life- an active role model and all around wonderful Dad. This one's for you, pops!

I realize I may have overkilled the beer for my Dad this year, but it seems better than the proverbial tie. Any awesome gifts you gave this weekend? 

I did keep the gift of beer local- all Ontario Microbrewed beer, which I thought was pretty cool!

Have you ever been on a beer tour before? 

This was my first one. I was hoping they'd offer wine as a sampler instead, but thought it was rude to ask...


Caitlin said...

haha i ALWAYS love coming to ur blog, ur pix and captions are seriously the best. dang girl u had a jampacked weekend of fun and hey, sweat like a champ, u gotta refuel like a champ and u win on both accounts! all that food looked delish, but u know u shoulda let a nice big one rip while u were in downward dog and those runners passed. ;) jk. save it for next time maybe?

well, being that u kno i'm a bit lame when it comes to the alchy i've never been on a beer tour. :) oh, and PS- outing someone for blasting out miley is NEVER a negative.

happyorhungry.com said...

Hooray for a fellow Canadian blogger! My friend had her wedding reception in SteamWhistle and we all got tours...it was pretty awesome. But it was open bar anyway so, free beer was a'plenty :)

I want to get an Equilizer! Do you have one, or just use a gym's? I work with the main guy from Lebert fitness who created them...maybe they'll give me a discount ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog so I could find yours!

Amy said...

So much for a restful weekend with those workouts!
Australian Father's Day isn't until September but I did bake some cookies for Dad this weekend if that counts as pre-father's day?
I haven't been on a beer tour before but I went wine tasting when I was in Florence last year and had an amazing time. Definitely something I will be doing again in the future.

Kristine @ Running on Hungry said...

SUCH a fun weekend! I've never been on a beer tour but I've been on my share of wine tours!

PS- Going to my first TRX class today - cannot wait!

Katy @ fitinheels said...

@Cait- girl, you crack me up. You and your fart/poo stories.

@Amy- when is Father's Day in Aussie?? That does count, totally :)

@happyorhungry Canuck!!!! Where are you from?? I actually work for a school board that I borrow them from and use at home and in my bootcamp classes :) They totally rock!! Where do you work that you work with a Lebert guy?

@Kristine- HOW WAS TRX???

Cait's Plate said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend - and FULL of stuff! I've definitely never been on a beer tour because but I think that's something my boyfriend would DIE for!

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