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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hangin' Tough.

Fellow peeps, I have been MIA for 4 days! The horror! My sincere apologies. In the last 72 hours, I've been to a concert, had my last day of teaching, went to brunch (twice), went to a birthday party, and ate street meat. All equally glorious.

The cutoff leather vest gets me every time.

Thursday was the best night of my life. Who- as a late-seventies/early eighties-child- didn't love the New Kids on the Block? It was grade four: my very first concert. Joey McIntyre- my very first crush. I was a shy kid (shocking, I know), and I was screaming at every close-up on the Jumbotron- then I'd cover my mouth in embarrassment in case anyone in the 50,000 venue seats heard me.

And here we were, 20 years later- a reunion concert with one of my other favourite bands: Backstreet Boys! My sister got the tickets as a Christmas gift from her husband. The stipulation on the gift: Must not take him. Hahahaha well, thank you, Bryan. I shrieked when my sister told me she had an extra ticket and probably peed my pants when she said "do you want to come?" DO I? Does Donnie Wahlberg have abs? Does Nick Carter have dance moves? Does Jonathan Knight even sing? Hell yes, I want to come.


I saw this billboard while waiting for the train. I thought it was fitting.
I met my sister downtown and noticed a trend while waiting for her outside the Air Canada Centre: Every person walking in looked the same: late-twenty/early-thirty, dressed to the nines (you never know who'd be called up on stage), and wearing a ridiculously large smile. The few men that were dragged along with their girlfriends (those poor souls) were so reluctant to look up in fear that they'd be seen.

Step By Step... ooh babayyyyyy

Montage! Montage! Now take off your shirts.

Hang tough, sistah.

It. Was. Amazing.

Song after song, montage after montage, the show moved fast- they played all their hits (and didn't try to plug any new songs- they knew their place), and women everywhere had sweet dreams. My love for Joey changed over time- I couldn't decide between Donnie, Nick, Jordan, even AJ. Oh. Em. Gee.

Marry me, Donnie!!!!!!
I barely recovered enough to enjoy my last day of teaching! Hallelujah!!!! Summer is so close I can taste it.

I met up with a beautiful friend of mine on Saturday for brunch in Leslieville. Julianne and I used to be roommates and when I see her it is like no time has passed. We regularly make men feel uncomfortable because we embrace and giggle like school girls from the time we see each other until the time we leave.

We went to a cute, quaint little all-day breakfast and lunch place called Lady Marmalade (recommended by my sister-in-law, Blair). We waited for what felt like no time before getting a table right by the window and had a glorious brunch. The menu is full of homemade specialties and fresh fruit and veggies.

No, I don't have any ugly friends.

Jules went with the huevos ranchitos (I eyed this the entire time she was eating- eggs, black beans, guacamole, salsa, whole wheat tortilla amazingness) and I picked from one of many types of eggs benny- goat cheese, spinach and pesto. It was de-lish!

3 hours and a parking ticket later (totally worth it!) was capped off with homemade lemonade. Pretty much the best Saturday morning ever.

1. Are you a breakfast person or a lunch person when you go for brunch?

I usually prefer lunch food when I go out to eat for brunch (a great wrap, sandwich, or salad), but Carter and I had the most amazing eggs benny while honeymooning in Mexico. I've had a soft spot for them since!

2.  More importantly... New Kids, or Backstreet Boys?

I'm going to get a lot of crap for this... but I'm going Backstreet. Don't hate.


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I'm not really a breakfast person. I eat the same oats every single day. I don't get too excited about my morning meal unless Dean takes me to Fresh for vegan pancakes!

BSB all the way. My room was pretty much covered in posters and I dreamed of Nick Carter every night. If he was taken by the time I turned legal, Brian was my second choice. I still know the lyrics to every song and I am SO not embarrassed.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ha! This is great! Great to hear from you. :) Hmmm, breakfast probably...I love a good omelette! And wow, I didn't like either one of these bands too much but I did memorize many of the the New Kids songs....my favorite was Jordan I think. So funny that I still remember all of their names.

Amy said...

Definitely BSB - I had a little (okay, huge) thing for Nick. I still know the lyrics to some of their songs, and I admit I still dance along when they come on the radio in the car - I have no dignity apparently.
If I go out for brunch I'm usually a breakfast person - can't resist the siren call of pancakes/banana bread/yoghurt and muesli. I even had breakfast for dinner at a restaurant with friends the other day. At least the waiter got a laugh out of it :)

Cait's Plate said...

Ahahah - I love that you saw a Full House billboard while on the way to a NKOTB concert. That really is so fitting.

As for Breakfast of Lunch - I love both but would probably have to go breakfast when out to brunch.

And as for BSB or NKOTB, I (can't believe I'm admitting this!) was a HANSON fan! Definitely went to 7 or 8 concerts and had my walls plastered in posters of them. So young and stupid. Haha

Katy @ fitinheels said...

Oh my god HANSON!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVED HANSON!!!!! Good call, Cait!!!

Caitlin said...

OM freaking G!!! that picture of u proposing to Donnie just made my morning! u've got the look of all those tweens about to pass out at a biebs sighting! i have to ask u though, did u lose ur voice after all that screaming? ;)

the full house billboard is just icing on the cake.

to steal the word from christina, ur night looks like it was epic! and yum on the food spread too...for me i usually go with the lunch menu if it's brunch, but sometimes will have to feed my pancake addiction.

okay, BSB of the two. but omg hanson, who didn't find themselves singing their songs?! great catch, cait! oh, and remember their music videos...haha!!

okay, but do u guys remember that whole OTown stint? they had a reality show down here to pick the band, they came out with like one single BUT one of the members, Ashely Angel, was SUCH a hottie! :)

Jessi Burke said...

What is so embarrassing about worshipping Hanson? I'll answer that in two words: Mormon, and lady hair. Okay, that was three. That being said, I WORSHIPPED Hanson!!! Ahahahahaha all the way through highschool, when it was SO uncool! And I knew every last word to Mmmbop, which most people aren't even aware there are actual words to. Well, there are, and they are phenomenal. Edna, you know I love you, but I am unfollowing your blog based on your diss of NKOTB alone. Perhaps you need me to drive over to your house right now and quickly rap Funky Funky Christmas. Some mad hooks should have you back to your senses in no time. Oh- and lunch all the way.

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