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Monday, 27 June 2011

Went to Prom, Got a Tattoo. In that order.

I feel like my life has been quite exciting since deciding to blog. What am I ever going to do next week when my regular days commence? Please keep reading. I will make stuff up.

Friday night was Prom for the kiddies. This year's graduating class consists of the most amazing, down-to-earth, coolest kids ever. I actually want to be friends with them. A lot of them have completely come into their own over the 4 years I've known them, and I feel truly lucky to have met, taught, and coached many of them.

Also lucky... the students. To have me as their teacher.


I see nothing wrong with this.

I'm not sure why there weren't more students around us.
I digress.

The teachers had an amazing after party (um... yeah. We had an after party. For our students' prom.).

The next day I woke up and shrieked. It was tatty day.

I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. When I was 18, I wanted a cute (cute?) scorpion on my mid-back (I'm a Scorpio, not crazy). When I was 23 I wanted my lacrosse number and a Canada flag on my foot. I've thought about a lotus flower, an energy symbol, I wanted my wedding song's title in script, but I've never followed through with any.

Tattoos are so personal. And... they are PERMANENT (duh). It's so hard to think of something that will be meaningful and beautiful that you will want on your body forever. I had decided what I wanted, and I went to the tattoo parlour and put a $20 deposit down. I chickened out.

I went again. Put a $20 deposit down. Chickened out.

Carter and I planned to go on March Break. I called the place. They said to come in.

I chickened out.

I went in again. Not surprisingly, they made me put a deposit down. This time it was $40. Damn.

I called my friend Amanda (who's wanted one for a long time too, and we talked about needing each other). It was Friday night, I was headed to Prom, and I said.... "We're getting tatted tomorrow."

She shrieked. I shrieked. I cried a little bit. No, wait. I was so freaking cool.

This is how we felt.

Then, we did what most normal people would do at 12:00 noon on a Saturday. We did shots.
We got to the tattoo parlour and as soon as Jason, our tattoo artist put the stencil on my back, I knew I was making the right decision. I'd wanted this for a long time, and I was doing it. And yes, I would probably cry.

I asked Jason if we could take photos.

We took none.

Amanda held my hand while I tried to act cool (Jason said it wouldn't hurt more than childbirth. I have no idea what that feels like), meanwhile wincing to Amanda like a little girl. It hurt like a bitch. All you people didn't warn me well enough! It felt like someone was stabbing me with an exacto-knife and then making 3 inch incisions down my back. I can't tell what my pain tolerance is, but it must suck. My friend Jenny once told me that getting a bikini wax didn't hurt. I waltzed in and said "Brazilian, please!" and thought it was my last day on Earth. I went once and swore I would never, EVER go back after what I considered to be a massacre. Jenny, you are my hero.

Hayley at Oat Couture has a tat on her ribs- which apparently is the most painful to get. She also has one that I love- it's script that reads "you are your own tool". How very true, my fitness and foodie readers! Hayley, not only do I admire you because of your ability to kick some serious ass (click on her blog and you'll see what I mean), but I also admire you for tolerating the pain of a rib tattoo. I'm not worthy.

After I got stabbed repeatedly in the back (I thought I got enough of that as a teenage girl), I then held Amanda's hand while she got her tattoo. She was a freaking champion. We were too nervous (and in pain) to take any photos. Then Jason slapped on a big bandage before we could even take any.

So we decided to take photos of the bandage.


Amanda was concerned people would think she had tried to hurt herself. So she decided to wear a tank top.

I'm really not sure what people thought of me. I'm embarrassing enough as it is without a massive bandage on my back.

So here she is, two days later:

I feel instantly more badass.
The symbol is japanese and stands for Strength. It is simple, beautiful, and powerful- all things I strive to be in my life. It's ties include personal power and the energy of life. I will write more about why I chose this symbol in a future post, and specifically how my life has changed in the last year since embarking on a different journey.

Oh- and Amanda got a fleur-de-lis on her wrist to represent her grandmother, her mother, and herself- a beautiful tribute. When she told her grandmother, Nanny's response was "Get out".

It was awesome.
When I told my Mom, who I thought had disowned me because she hadn't responded to my texts in 2 hours (very unlike my Mom), she said, "Well, I know your sister really regrets hers."

...Of course my sister regrets hers! She has a tweety bird tattoo. A huge, yellow tweety bird on her lower back. That she got on a whim. While drunk.

No, I'm not kidding.

This is what happens when you drink and ink.

Hahahah Emily, you are a good sport. To each their own!

Do you have a tattoo? What do you have?

I have Strength. And I suddenly have the feeling that people shouldn't cut me off or mess with me- I do have a tattoo, after all.

I've always thought that someone should create a semi-permanent tattoo so that people could have tats for like, 6 months to a year. If this was available, what would you get? 


Briana said...

Beautiful tattoo! And good job going thru with it. I remember wanting one when I was 18 and would've probably gotten something dumb (like a tweety bird.... KIDDDDDDING!!) but, for some reason, I didn't. I've never thought of anything I'd want on me forever.

Yours looks great! And nice, strong back!!

Molly said...

Holy cow! I got my first tat last fall, after my first marathon. I've wanted one for 20 years, and went once to the tat parlor, but then chickened out. I have a spot on my foot where I stepped on a pencil when I was drunk (college grad night)so I figured that I would get a flower there....never did it. Finally got a celtic cross on my left ankle and I LOVE it. Only problem is...I want another one on my right inside wrist...to "balance it out" love yours!

Amy said...

i have a tattoo too...my mom was so pissed at me! i got mine in college its on my butt so only a select few are lucky enough to see it haha. yours is really pretty!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

You are my hero. I am missing the huge ass balls it takes to get one. I have been wanting one on my forearm for lightyears but cannot bring myself to do it. Yours looks wicked and it was an awesome choice. My friend has the same sign on her wrist. I love it :)

Tweety bird...interesting choice! Lucky I don't drink!

Caitlin said...

it looks STUNNING!!!! seriously, u look beautiful and badass. great little reminder to all those running/cycling/working-out behind u that u're kicking their @$$...lol. but i'm with you, i've always wanted one but knew it had to mean something to me and be really special. not just something that i'd regret later on. so i've wanted something really cool or inspiring on one of my inner wrists but have yet to come up with the 'perfect' one. that and i'm pretty sure i could never actually stand the pain, i'd be like phoebe and her 'tattoo of the world'.

so here's to your awesome weekend, how perfect that u go to prom then get tatted up like a teen! ;)

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Aghhh I LOVE it and I love it's meaning! :) Congrats for finally taking the plunge! I warn you they're addictive and you will want more! :) And thank you so much for the shout out girl! :) Oh, and you can get a 'semi permanent' tattoo but it's all a crock of crap! I think they're supposed to last 5 or 6 years but although they fade a little they never go away! I say stick to permanent and even if you grow out of a tattoo it will always be a meaningful reminder of a time in your life! :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Love your tattoo, awesome! I love they way they look, but since I pass out whenever a needle gets anywhere near me (not exaggerating) I don't see that happening anytime soon!

Nicole said...

Katy, its beautiful! And Hayley's right - they are addicting!! I want another one (I have 6!), but I keep forgetting to find the time.. Someday though!
And prom looked like an absolute blast! I'm not gonna lie - I'm jealous - I want to go to prom again! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing. If tattoos could be semi-permanent I'd totally want sleeves. They're so badass!
Currently I just want my signature on my ass, like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Maybe a tattoo tan if that's possible.
The closest that I've come to actually getting one was a few years ago when I stumbled into a tattoo parlour hiccupping and announced what I wanted. I'm not sure what about me they found most offensive: my level of intoxication? My slurred enthusiasm? Or, perhaps, the fact that I wanted 'COOTER QUEEN' tattooed on my body. Happily, they sent me packing. The sigh of relief the following afternoon could be heard for miles...

beans said...

looks fabulous you babe! xo

Julia said...

found your blog through Cait's blog and obviously since we ventured on a yogurtopia trip today in her blog world...we need to be bloggy bffs. i am obsessed with your tattoo! it turned out amazing!!! i have 2 and want at least one more. one is the symbol for faith and the other is a dove which I got for peace. I want one other of something to mean hope!

Katy @ fitinheels said...

Thanks everyone for your always amazing comments!!!!! I am so thankful to hear from you all! I want to see all your tatts! Maybe I should do a post dedicated to my cool friend's ones! Yes!!! Julia- how AMAZING is Caitlin??? I'm so glad to find you too!! Love the idea of faith peace and hope. You need love too :)

Pye said...

another great post Katy, and as you already know I love your new tat, it looks HOT! I am planning on getting one at the end of the summer... but there is a good chance I will chicken out lol... I want to get 26.2 with a purple gladiolus flower next to it (purple to remind me that i ran to raise money for leukemia research), the gladiolus flower means strength of character and integrity, and i want to get it on my right hip since thats the one that i had injured during training. cant wait to see yours in person! xo

cathysbestyearofherlife said...

Oh my God, I don't know how you did it. But it looks gorgeous! Like Michelle, I'd love to do a marathon-related tatt. Good on ya!

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